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Get inshape with boxing and kickboxing

Updated on September 8, 2013

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Boxing and Kickboxing are two sports that share similar techniques; they are great for cardiovascular fitness and with the explosive moves you will be build muscle. Both of these sports are good for weight loss, redefining your body.

Total body strengthening

Boxing and kickboxing provides a great workout, but since kickboxing is a mix of boxing and karate it provides a better workout. On the other hand kickboxing requires a great deal of balance and flexibility, so boxing would be a lot easier for those who are just starting out. Either way you will develop a power physic by undertaking boxing or kickboxing. These styles of fighting can build muscles, endurance, and balance.


Your shoulder receives a total workout when you deliver an explosive punch. All three heads of your shoulders will get a workout. Your shoulder muscles tears up quickly, which means they will grow even bigger and stronger (with the proper recovery that is).


When throwing a punch you are mainly working your triceps and your deltoids. Hooks and cross works the triceps and the biceps stabilizes the arm during a hook and uppercut.


A lot of people recommend that if you want to develop back muscles then you should take up boxing or kickboxing. Both sports require you to hold your arm up at all times (it sounds easy at first, but it becomes kind of difficult over time), which works the two largest muscle in your back.


Throwing a punch doesn’t just work the arms, it also work your pectoral muscles. Even if you land a punch or not your chest muscles will still receive a workout.


Whether you are throwing a punch or even a kick the power of that behind those blows don’t come from just your legs or feet. If you want to deliver a powerful blow you want to make sure your whole body is in sync (that where the core plays it part). This is very important especially for kickboxing due to all the gyrating moves such as the roundhouse kick.


There is more to these fighting styles than just throwing a jab, an elbow, or a kick; it’s also about the footwork and the stance. These factors are used to take down their opponent.


Kickboxing is a combination of karate and boxing where you have many moves at your disposal. You deliver powerful strikes such as the head-butt, spinning back fist, and the roundhouse kick. Weapon of attack would be your fist, elbow, knees, head, and feet.



Boxing is made up of a combination of punches, footwork, and stance to overwhelm your opponent. These combinations of punches are known as the jab, cross, hook, uppercut. In boxing you will become a faster than a kick boxer.

Which one is right for you?

Granted that both of these forms of fighting are good for a workout, but which one is best for you? Some women find that kickboxing is better to get an overall toned body, because of the moves you use in kickboxing. It truly depends on where you are in fitness. Boxing would be right for you if you’re just starting out. This is because boxing is much easier to learn and you will see results much faster. Another thing you may want to know is that you will burn more calories in boxing in kickboxing. This is because boxing is not just about how hard you can throw a punch, but it’s also about your footwork. All that footwork in the ring can burn a lot of calories. Kickboxing requires more flexibility and balance, but in boxing you are on two feet. Not to mention that you’re only throwing punches whereas in kickboxing your weapons in the ring are elbows, feet, fist, knees, and head.

No matter which fighting style you choose to take up there are both good for a workout, not to mention it’s good for self-defense. Before choosing whether to go with kickboxing or boxing, understand your level of fitness or you may hurt yourself if you decide to go with kickboxing. Either way these two styles of fighting are said to be the best ways to get into shape.


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