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Get more distance on your disc golf drives

Updated on March 14, 2015
Dyed Shark
Dyed Shark

One thing that most disc golfers want to do is increase the distance of their drives. Throwing for extra long distance requires a type of shot that you don't use anywhere else. There are 2 techniques that will give you your maximum distance. The first is the hyzer flip, which if done correctly will give an S curve flight. The other is the flex shot, which is an anhyzer release that also makes the disc fly with an S curve flight.

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Average golfer

The average disc golfer can drive 250 to 350 feet. Getting longer than that will require the correct footwork, grip, pull through, follow through, and one of these 2 distance techniques. The S curve gives you extra distance because as the disc starts to loose spin it continues to fly forward instead of the hard fade and drop that you normally get. You can get a hundred feet or more of extra glide.

Flex Shot

To throw the flex shot, you use an over-stable disc and release the disc at about shoulder height, you release the disc on an anhyzer angle. For a RHBH throw, you release the disc pointing slightly to the left, the disc will go right at first because of the anhyzer. Then the natural turn of the disc will take over and start to bring it back to the left, as the disc starts to lose speed and spin, but will glide forward instead of dropping hard to the left like with a normal throw.

Avery Jenkins tips

Hyzer flip

To throw a hyzer flip. You use an under-stable golf disc. You release the disc aiming slightly left also, with a hyzer angle. Sometimes up to 90 degrees, depending on how under-stable the disc is. Most discs will need a release angle of 25 to 45 degrees, you need to determine this for each disc and the way you throw. For a RHBH, when you release the golf disc, it starts climbing and flattens. As it starts to slow, the disc will start to turn over to the right, because it is going against the normal fade of the disc, it will continue gliding forward, not fade hard. The disc will fade gently back with a normal end of flight fade. This will give you a much longer glide, it will finish going forward.


The pro's don't all agree which way works best for the longest drives. Some like the hyzer flip, some like the flex shot. Most of the pro's use the hyzer flip for their long drives.  The correct footwork, grip, pull through, and follow through all are important in getting the longest drive you can get. Work on those parts of the drive, before you try these techniques. Keep the wind in mind also, it can have a big effect on the throw. The best case is a crossing tailwind to help push the disc. There are a few good videos to watch below that will help you with those parts of the package.

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