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Getting High School Football Players Recruited

Updated on November 7, 2012

One of the primary jobs of a high school football coach is getting your players into college. You do not want a reputation of a coach that does not work for his kids. It also lets your players and your families know you care. Kids want to be apart of a program where they know that the coaching staff is going to look after them and if they desire, help them get into college. Even if they are not scholarship type athletes.

Getting your players football scholarships is also one of the most difficult, time consuming and at times incredibly frustrating aspects of a coaches job. Time is always an issue. Most coaches are teachers and have families. You probably don't have multiple hours each day to work on recruiting efforts for your players. Many coaches, especially young coaches or new head coaches do not know where to start. This article will hopefully give you some pointers and even save you some time (Even if your a veteran coach).

This article is broken down into 6 parts:

  • Analyze of your roster

  • Create highlight films

  • Create college lists for each of your players

  • Post films to you tube

  • Email college coaches your players highlight films

  • Follow up with phone calls

1) Analyze of your roster

  • Who on our roster can play at the next level?

  • Who wants to play at the next level?

  • After you ask yourself these questions, you need to decide what level of college football each of your upperclassman can play at.

  • Look at each of your players GPA’s and test scores.

  • I find it help full to create a spreadsheet of this information to keep me organized

  • Once you have answered these questions and made your spreadsheet you are off to a good start

2) Create highlight films

  • Over the years there have been many different ways to do this. Many programs now have advanced software to make highlight films. HUDL is the most popular.

  • Some tips with highlight films

    • Make sure you provide basic player info such as year, #, height, weight, position(s) and academic info

    • Be sure to provide your contact info

    • Make sure you put the players best play as the first play, second best play should be second. You want to catch the recruiters eye right off the bat.

    • If the player is a lineman make sure to highlight him before the play

    • Don’t make it too long. 3 minutes is all any college coach is going to sit there and watch anyway.

    • If they like your guy, they will ask for a full game film. When that happens, make sure you send the best film of your player.

3) Create college lists for each of your players

  • You should have a meeting with each of your players about college. Be realistic with them about the future. Not every player is a major blue chip prospect. Let them know exactly the level you think they can play at. Involve the parents in these discussions.

  • Let the players and parents know what you are going to do and how your going to do it.

  • Create a list of colleges for each of your players. The list should include top choices, secondary choices and back up choices. You want at least 20 schools per player.

  • Make sure the schools offer the programs that your player want to study. Again, make sure the parents are involved.

  • Make sure that every college that is on the list is realistic for your player from both a football standpoint and academic standpoint.

4) Post films to you tube

  • In case you haven’t noticed, everyone used you tube. Including college coaches

  • In years past, you had to send out films by mail. It took forever and cost money

  • If you don’t have a you tube account...make’s free

  • Once your players films are on you tube, tell you players and their families. They will really appreciate it.

5) Email college coaches your players highlight films

  • Now that your players films are on you tube, you are ready to send them to college coaches

  • It will be time consuming, but use your lists that you made for each player and go the schools website and get the coaches emails.

  • Make sure you email the recruiting coordinator and the position coach for whichever position you players plays (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • Email each and every school

  • Be sure to provide your players and your contact information

  • Be sure to provide academic info including SAT and ACT scores

6) Follow up with phone calls

  • After a few weeks follow up your emails with phone calls

  • If you get voice-mail make sure you leave a message


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