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Getting Your Adidas f50 micoach Boots to Sync

Updated on August 23, 2012

Common Solutions

1. Make sure your Boots are within 10 feet of your Usb stick and PC

2. Make sure your boots are not inside your bag, even though it can sometimes still detect them through several layers, sometimes it will fail to.

3. If your using XP, you may need to upgrade to SP3 (Service Pack 3), or else it might not work.

4. You may need to download AntUSB drivers, these are the drivers for the Adidas USB stick that comes with the Boots.

Getting XP SP3

If you have a genuine copy of Windows then all you need to do to get SP3 (Service Pack 3), is to turn on Automatic Updates in Windows, alternatively you can visit the microsoft site for a direct download link

Ant USB Drivers

Ant is the name for the USB stick that came with your Boots, it is called so because it is smaller than your average USB stick. Its possible that you may not have drivers for your computer to use ANT USB sticks but don't worry, you can download this software online, p.s even if you can use normal USB sticks, you may not be able to use ANT USB sticks because they often use different drivers.

Here is a site where you can download the ANT USB drivers from;

Make sure you have downloaded the micoach manager Software

Adidas's own Video Tutorial

So if you've ensured that you follow the above steps then you will be ready to sync, watch this video all the way through to see how to do it.

Feel Free to Ask

If you have any problems with your f50 boots, please feel free to ask me and hopefully i can assist you with it, especially if it is a problem i have encountered myself.


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