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Getting the right Trout bait

Updated on April 5, 2011

Fishing can be a very addictive habit. For some people, the best way to unwind, would be to pick up their fishing gear, head off to the lake, spend hours on the serene water, battle it out with a price catch, cook lunch on an open fire and snooze the afternoon away. Bait is of several types and trout bait is the most commonly used form of bait. Most fishermen use this.

Trout bait is of several types and its effectiveness is largely based on your style of fishing and your comfort levels. Some fishermen create their own dough based baits at home, others opt to use cheese. There are various types of trout bait, here are some of them. Some seasoned fishermen prefer to use trout bait that has been made from some everyday ingredients. There are those that have used kernels of corn, bits of cheese, grains of cereal and even marshmallows. Some people have even tried using salmon eggs in the trout bait.

There is also what is known as the synthetic trout baits and these are commonly used. Power baiting is also popular and is believed to give good results on a fishing expedition. If you choose to use a hook with your power bait, then rest assured that you will get more than your normal quota at a fishing trip. Trout baits are also made with trout dough. These are perfumed baits and are used as a replacement for live baits when people are out fishing for trout. The dough as well as the color has to be chosen careful. A taste of corn is more effective.

There are also Berkeley earthworms, which though not real, look the part. They are available in a variety of scents and can easily be draw out fish. These creatures of the water are extremely attracted to such seemingly live bait. Certain insects such as grasshoppers, crickets and even larvae are used to attract trout.

Among other types of trout bait are the night crawler, which is extremely popular, minnows are used to catch rainbow trout, maggots, worms and other forms of creepy-crawlies are used. Crayfish makes for excellent live bait.


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