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Giants Take 2-1 NLCS Series Orange and as the Black Machine Grinds Out Win

Updated on October 15, 2014

Giants ride Hudson and Relief Core to Outlast Cards

After San Francisco staked their leaky old Hudson to a four run lead --on the strength of Travis Ishikawa, who is one of many Giant feel good stories this year for the Orange and Black-- the Cardinals fluttered back to take the hard fought post season contest in to the tenth.

Weak hitting outfielder picks his spots to contribute offensively.

Although Hector Sanchez has stunk at the plate, as a leadoff hitter he nevertheless has made substantial offensive contributions at a few timely post season moments. Not to mention his daring Hector-on-the-spot outfield defense has proven to be several saving graces of Bruce Bochy's decision in going with the weak-hitting outfielder as a replacement to the replacements in the lead off spot in SF's batting order.

When is bunt as good as a home run?

Bruce Bochy's club is once again knocking on the door of yet another World Series. And G-fans aren't bored yet.

Hector Blanco's scorching RBI hit (not, 'twas but a humble bunt) in the bottom of the 10th inning proved to be the winning knock. That has the Giants sitting very attractively --if not quite pretty-- at a 2-1 advantage in a harrowing test of nerves betwixt the two storied clubs.

Arm chair manager-

As Manager, would you have left in Tim Hudson to pitch the top half of the seventh inning in game 3 of the NLCS?

See results

Second guess the manager.

Should Bruce Bochy have replaced starting Pitcher TIm Hudson with a reliever to start the seventh inning?

Tim Hudson was just good enough.

Hudson didn't win. But then again, Tim didn't lose either. And when you come right down to it, Bochy's error in leaving in Hudson longer than his gas tank would bear in the sixth inning can now be forgiven.


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