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Gift Ideas for Golfers

Updated on March 31, 2015

Gift Ideas for Golf Lovers

Ever had a difficulty in finding a gift for a serious or leisure golfer? If you do, get your pens and papers ready for this article will show you some nice golfer gift ideas.

What is important when buying a gift is the usability or practicality of the gift item. Ask yourself some of these questions. Will he really use this? Is this item suited for him? Is the gist that I am about to buy fit his lifestyle well? Is the answer to at least one of the questions is “Yes!” then you can probably go ahead and purchase or make the gift item. If they are all a big “No!” then do not proceed with what you are about to do. Remember that a gift should not just be any item, it should be something of value and that the recipient can actually make use in one way or another.

However, there are some gift items which are well-suited for the lifestyle and routine of a golfer. So, let us have a look at each one of them.

Golfer Gifts!

Gifts for Golfers
Gifts for Golfers | Source



Nike Golf “Tour Mesh Flex Cap”

A golfer’s head is always bathed in the sun’s heat when playing. So, in order to protect him from having a heat stroke or a headache, give him a cap. You can see golfers everywhere having a cap in one form or the other. Caps provide not only heat protection for the head but also provide additional shading for the eyes to see clearly. The Nike Golf Cap is a black, stretch-fitted cap made out either nylon or cotton for extreme comfort and cool. The cap also has the signature swoosh logo of Nike embroidered in the front. Get this simple, neat, and useful gift item for only $27.00 USD.

Golf Ball Finding Glasses

The eye protection and vision improvement of a shade is also a good addition to the shading a golf cap gives. The sun’s light may harm your eyes when you are exposed to it for a long period of time. Golfers, above all the others, are more exposed to the light of the sun because their playing court is an open field of lawn grasses, trees, water, sand, and small golf ball holes. Moreover, the blinding light may be an additional burden for one seeing and finding the little golf ball. So, if you are looking for a gift to give a golfer, try this golf ball finding glasses. It is made of plastic-resin for comfort and has scratch resistant lenses. The lenses have a special pigment in them blocking the light reflected by any darker object. This is most helpful when finding a golf ball. Since the ball is white, it would be easier to locate it among a crowd of darker objects. Give this to him now for only $39.95 USD at Hammacher.

Golf Bag Drink Dispenser

Golfers are also subjected to being thirsty more often than necessary. What with all the heat they receive from playing golf in an open field on a bright and sunny day. Surely, you would not want a golfer to be carrying out a water jag in the field rather than carrying a golf bag. So, to give him the satisfaction of bringing a golf bag while still having cold water to drink, give him this drink dispenser. Yes, this drink dispenser is disguised as a golf club. It also has a long handle bottle brush and can hold up to 48 oz of cold or hot drink. Now, he can surely drink water without bringing a heavy water jag or a small water bottle that would be easily lost. This ingenious gift item is only around $50.00 USD.

Get Your Game On!

Golf in Style!
Golf in Style! | Source

J.G. Hickory Wood Single Club/Bag Organizer

Sometimes, it is nice if all the golf things of a person are put into one rack only. This is to ensure proper keeping and faster access. That is why this wood organizer is a good thing to give. With a walnut finish, this golf bag organizer is a sure nice fixture to his house. With four shelves to booth for putting all his golf shirts, shoes, caps, and car keys for easy access. It also has a golf bag holder just beside the shelves where he can put that heavy golf bag in style. For only #89.99 USD, you can already give this to him or any golfer as a gift.

Nike Zoom Advance Golf Shoe

Of course, a good golf shoe is also a nice option for a gift. Why? This is because a golfer needs comfortable shoes for walking in the wide golf course. The Nike Zoom is just the right shoe for the job. Ultimate comfort and stability is what this Tour-level shoe offers. The heel of the shoe is a lightweight material and gives responsive enough cushioning for extreme comfort and bringing the foot closer to the ground level. Nike Zoom is certainly a lightweight shoe but does not lack in the durability department. You can expect that the Zoom will last longer even with the golfer constantly using it to walk around the golf course. Give this now to a golfer for a price of around $250.00 USD.

Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Steel Iron

An additional golf club to his already numerous clubs would not hurt. A durable, clean golf club in a classic shape would not be too bad of a gift either. The MC Steel Iron incorporates compact and shallow cavity for extreme workability and stability. The head of the MC Steel Iron club is designed to perfection to perform just beautifully when playing golf. Furthermore, the grove design of the club gives it more control and spin for an optimized flight of the ball. Get this wonderful golfer gift for about $400.00 USD.

Take your pick from the gift ideas and items that you saw in this article. However, you can also give a golfer a personalized item that also has to do with golf. For example, a golf ball shaped pendant with his name engraved on it.

Remember, there are many more gift items that you can give a golfer. Just make sure that the item is useful and is given willingly.

Unique Gifts For Golfers

Gifts For Golfers


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