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Girl Scout's Highest Awards: The Bronze Award

Updated on January 11, 2017

What is the Bronze Award?

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest Award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. Junior Girl Scouts are 4th and 5th grade girls. This award is earned as a troop not in small groups or as an individual. The first requirement is for the girls to do a Journey. As of right now there are three to choose from: Agent of Change, Get Moving!, and aMUSE. Once a Journey is complete the girls focus on finding an issue in their community that they can take on and make a positive change for by doing a service project. Below I have listed some ideas for issues that your girls may want to look into along with some ideas for service projects. Please use them as you will. Some of you may find exactly what you want to do. Others may find the seeds of an idea that might be what your community needs.


  1. Food Drive: It's an old stand by but you can put a twist on it and ask people to donate higher nutrition food such as whole wheat pasta or whole grain rice instead of just white. Organic foods instead of non-organic.
  2. Print up recipes for healthy meals for food banks to hand out with the food they give out. Ask the food bank what types of foods they have so you can make sure those are the ingredients you are including in your recipes. This could also be a good lesson in the quality of food that the poor may be receiving.
  3. Serve at a soup kitchen.
  4. Put together food boxes for the elderly who may not be able to get out every day and can not cook meals for themselves. Include dried foods that only need boiled water to be added. Canned meats such as tuna. Crackers, juice boxes, cookies, tea bags, etc.
  5. Make a snake or dessert that can be included in a meal for Meals-on-Wheels.

***Please keep nutrition in mind for any service project you do that involes food.***


  1. Rabies: Most towns have free rabies clinics. Contact your town and see if your troop can help that day with the paper work or getting the word out. Working directly with the animals may not be a good idea due to the possibility of getting a bite or scratch. The animals are stressed out that day and the handling of them is best left to the professionals.
  2. Education: Have the girls research other diseases that effect pets. They can make up a brochure and explaining how important it is for all pet to have proper health care. The brochure can be left on the doors of houses in your town. This MUST be done with an adult.
  3. Licencing: With your town the girls can do a pet licensing drive.
  4. Pet Pillows: If you have an adult that can sew the girls can make pet pillows. These can be donated to local shelters and foster organizations. Make various sizes for all types of cats and dogs.
  5. Food Drives: Yes, shelters and fostering organizations also need donations of food, cat litter and other supplies for the animals they care for. These are non-profit organizations who rely on money donations and supply donations to run.

Have you ever talked to your daughter about domestic violence?

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Domestic Violence

  1. Book Drive: Most of the women and children who live in a shelter for domestic violence have left their homes with nothing more than the cloths on their backs. A book to read at bed time is a simple comfort to give. This was the one my girls did and it was great. When we went to the shelter to give them the books each girl read a book to a child who was staying there.
  2. Welcome Bags: Collect travel size personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. Put these items in a small cloth bag. Donate them to the shelter to be used when a women arrives so she has her own new personal items to use. My other troop did this. We partnered with the Women's club in town who made the bags and actually bought all the items for the bags. We spent a night with them making up bags. It was nice to work with them.
  3. Contact the shelter and see what needs they may have at that time. Depending on what is going on at the shelter and how many people they have their needs change. See what would benefit them the most if you don't like the ideas above but you do want to work with domestic violence victims.

Just a little note. Please don't be put off by this subject. It was a great lesson for both of my troops. I just talked to them about bullies and what happens to some of the bullies when they grow-up and don't stop bullying. Sometimes they hit their wife and their kids. It's sad and these shelters are there to help the women and children. The shelter was very good about not scaring the girls either. I used it as a starting point to tell the girls no one has a right to hit you now or ever. Just keep it as simple as you can.


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