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Glenn Hoddle - The next England manager?

Updated on October 11, 2010
Official ball of the Football League.
Official ball of the Football League. | Source

Now i know it seems an idea, so far removed from reality, that just could come true. Glenn Hoddle would love to return to the game as a manager and has a proven record. He was relatively successful as the England boss in his previous tenure. From 1996 to 1999 he managed 28 games winning 17 of them, drawing 6 and losing 5. The 3rd best ratio of any other England Manager. He was, as you will remember, removed from the post, not for poor performances but, for a verbal indiscretion. He was at the time, under a lot of pressure as he was openly showing too much faith in 'faith healer' Eileen Drewery, even putting her on the coaching staff. He then made an inappropriate comment about disabled people.

So why do i think he could be the next England Manager, when Fabio Capello stands down in 18 months? First you have to understand what his current project is to fully appreciate the possibility, of this becoming a reality.

He is currently running the Glenn Hoddle Acadamy (GHA), based at the Montecastillo Resort in southern Spain. The aim of the GHA is to give, a second chance to young players, that have failed to make the grade at top professional clubs. During the close season, 3rd division club, Jerez Industrial, was close to going out of business. Glenn Hoddle and the GHA offered Jerez Industrial, a way of surviving by supplying all of their players, free of charge. Jerez Industrial is made up of 2 Spanish players and 20 GHA players. They are now getting regular, competitive Football. The coaching staff are all highly regarded and vastly experienced, including Graham Rix, Nigel Spackman, Gearge Foster, Dave Beasant and Glenn Hoddle. Hoddle is so excited about this latest development and is getting a huge amount of positive feedback, Worldwide.

His personal profile, has risen back up to the levels when he was the golden boy of Football. He has made no secret, he would love to manage again but, interestingly, he also said he would prefer not to manage at club level. So, what other option would there be other than International management. He said, he felt he would be ready to manage a side again in 18 months. Coincidentally just at the same time Fabio Capello stands down from his post with The F.A.. He would also be able mastermind the GHA project whilst becoming the England manager.

Other candidates include Harry Redknapp, Peter Taylor, Sam Allardyce, Steve McClaren and Stuart Pearce. If McClaren is in the frame again the why not Hoddle? The more you think about it, the more credible it seems and he is as short as 16/1 with Victor Chandlers bookmakers.

Who do you think should be the next England Football Manager?



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    • profile image

      Trampolines Man 7 years ago

      I hear the FA favour a high profile ex-player rather than a manger with proven club experience. The logic is that club managers get results by working with the players each day and international managers dont. So a high profile respected tactician with the stature to inspire millionaire players. Get your money on Shearer.