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Glock 26 Gen4 Quick Look

Updated on December 28, 2015

Short History Of The Glock Pistol

Gaston Glock began producing the next generation of weapons back in 1981 with the release of the first semi-automatic Glock service pistol. This pistol had a polymer receiver and was fitted with the Glock "Safe-Action System."

Jump ahead to 1983 and the Glock 17 was born as the Austrian army received the first shipment of 30,000 Glock 17's to outfit their soldiers with side-arms. Twelve years later the Glock 26 "Baby Glock" came into production.

1999 brought about the production of Glock's 2 millionth pistol and in 2007 the 5 millionth pistol was produced. The year 2010 brought out the pistol that we are discussing today. The Glock 26 Gen4.

Glock 26 Gen4 with Pearce Grip Extender and Talon Grips

The Gen4 Advantage - Modular Back-Strap

One may ask, What exactly makes the Gen4 different from the generations before it? The Gen4 version of the Glock 26 ships with introduced the modular back-strap system, one of the most requested forms of customization.

The modular back-strap system allows one to customize the grip of the Glock Gen4 to more perfectly fit his or her hand. The Glock Gen4 comes with the standard grip and four additional back-straps. There are two medium sized back-straps included in the box; one standard and one with a beaver tail and two large back-straps, one standard and one with a beaver tail.

The back-strap is easily changed through the removal of the back-strap pin on the rear portion of the grip. This customization allows one to avoid the generic "one size fits all" grip and fit one's new pistol to one's hand providing a level of comfort never experienced by a Glock owner..

Modular Back-Strap System


Enlarged Reversible Magazine Catch

If you are a left-handed shooter Gen4 is for you. The Glock 26 Gen4 comes with an enlarged magazine catch that is reversible. That is correct one no longer needs to use one's index finger to press the magazine release of a right-handed gun. The reversible magazine catch allows the lefty to swap the magazine catch to the thumb side of the Glock enabling a smooth release of the empty magazine without fumbling to find the magazine release on the opposite side of the grip.

The best part of this is the customization can be done without purchasing any additional parts and takes a Glock armorer just around three minuets to complete and should be done at your local gun shop free of charge.

Enlarged Reversible Magazine Release

Dual Recoil Spring Assembly

The Gen4 edition of the Glock 26 also sports a dual recoil spring assembly. The addition of the dual recoil spring assembly not only increases the lifespan of the assembly but it also helps to reduce the felt recoil upon shooting the weapon. Reduced recoil allows one to shoot more accurately and at a quicker pace.

Dual Spring

Rough Textured Frame

The last improvement to the Glock 26 in Gen4 is the introduction of the rough textured frame or RTF. This enhanced stippling allows one to obtain a much more solid grip on the pistol. The RTF is both on the grip and on the back-straps.

In my opinion the RTF is a little too aggressive for me. After shooting around 100 rounds through the Glock 26 Gen4 the aggressive stippling began to irritate my hand quite a bit. The RTF does provide one with a more solid grip on the weapon and let's face it. The Glock 26 Gen 4 is more of an "up close and personal" type of carry weapon. If you are going to use it it will be quick and ugly, not a 100 round battle.

Glock 26 Gen4 Review

The Glock 26 Gen4 is my everyday concealed carry weapon but this was not always the case. Like many, I was turned off from the Glock pistol line because of all the "Glock Fanboys" who were always talking how Glocks were the be all, end all of the shooting world. Glock was the perfect gun. Case closed.

On the other side of the coin were the "Glock haters," most of whom have never shot a Glock let alone own one. They perpetuate the myths of the feeling of a brick in your hand and a gun made of cheap materials.

I never knew which side to believe but I believed there were truths being told by both sides. While at the shooting range one day I had the opportunity to shoot a Glock 26 Gen4. I was sold on Glock from the first shot. The soft shooting of the Glock 26 Gen4 allowed me to be very accurate from 25 yards with a gun I have never shot before. For a sub-compact weapon, being a soft shooter is unheard of. The Glock 26 has less felt recoil than some compact 9mm's I have owned.

Breaking down the gun for cleaning could not be any easier or quicker. Pull back the slide a little, pull down the take down lever and remove the slide. That's it. Takes about 10 seconds to get the slide off, recoil spring and barrel assembly out, and ready for a cleaning.

Even though the Glock 26 is a little over one inch wide, it does not feel that way when carrying in a properly fitted holster. When I carry the Glock 26 Gen4, I carry in an Alien Gear rig with the flat based magazine to limit printing through a shirt. My two back-up magazines have the Pearce grip extender for a full three finger grip on the gun.

For $29.00 holster with no break in period, one can not go wrong. Do not let the price fool you. This holster comes with everything you would need to customize the holster to your wearing style. It is so comfortable I forget it is there.

The only negative for me was the aggressive stippling on the grip and back-straps. I wrapped the grip with a rubberized grip wrap from Talon Grips. The Talon Grips offer the "stickiness" I need without being too aggressive.

I have owned many guns from Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and so on. Like any other weapon system, Glock has had its share of problems in the past. I do not claim that the Glock is the perfect gun. However, I have never had a problem with my Glock 26 and after owning a Glock I can't see me owning any other gun.

Watch the video below for a quick look at the Glock 26 Gen4

Glock 26 Gen4 With Alien Gear Holster

Glock 26 Gen4 Quick Look

Glock 26 Gen4 By The Numbers

Safe Action
6.41 in.
4.17 in.
1.18 in.
Unloaded 21.71 oz
Loaded 26.12 oz.
Magazine Capacity
10 Rounds
Optional 15/17/33 Round
Glock 26 Gen4 Stats

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Feel free to comment on what your opinion of Glock in general or the Glock 26 Gen4 in specific. Also, if you have a question just ask.


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