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Going Somewhere, Fast!

Updated on April 24, 2015

4 x 8 - Dakota


The Forbush track team has two major events coming up. The Western Piedmont Athletic Conference meet is scheduled for April 29th at Surry Central High School. The Regional meet is scheduled for May 9th at Monroe.

Many of the track members have reached personal bests this season and have qualified or are close to qualifying for the Regional meet. The conference meet at Surry Central will give track members one more opportunity to qualify for the Regional meet.

Dylan Andrade has already qualified for the 100m and 300m hurdles. Dakota Mendenhall has qualified for the 1600m and 800m distance. Martin Lillhager has qualified for the 100m sprint. The men's 4 x 800 team of Noah Sisk, Dakota Mendenhall, Will Kilby and Isaac Warden have also qualified.

Dylan Andrade and Dakota Mendenhall both broke school records. Andrade broke the 110m hurdle record that had held firm since 1999. Mendenhall broke the 1600m and 3200m records that had been around since 1999, also.

The way that the Falcons are competing, other individuals or groups may have qualified by the time this article is released. Keep a close eye on the track team for updates as the conference meet gears up next week.

Karie Whitaker and Megan Heath had already participated in their events at the Starmount track meet, but both decided to hangout around the pit to encourage the Falcon jumpers.

AK at the line

Anna Kathryn participates in women's soccer and track in the spring season. Seen here edging out a runner from Ashe County, Kilby helps her team bring home the victory in the 4 x 800m relay. Her brother, Will Kilby participates in the men's 4 x 800m relay team that has already qualified for the Regional meet. With the way the girls looked in their race, it is just a matter of time before they are qualified as well.

Mackenzie Fulk is the younger sister of baseball pitcher/shortstop Brett Fulk. Fulk is known for her abilities on the volleyball court, but she also competes in a couple of events for the track team. Pictured here in the triple jump, Mackenzie prepares for another attempt at her personal best.

Over the Bar

Tony Douglas is most often seen streaking up and down the basketball court for the Falcon basketball team, but in the off-season he can be found competing for the track team. High jump is not Tony's best event, but his athleticism makes up for his inexperience.

Top of the Track World

Which WPAC team is the overall team to beat in the upcoming conference meet?

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Networking Superstars

Travis Dixon, Charlie Wyrick, Zachary Murray and Nick Marshall have a lot of things in common. All four of these student/athletes are currently sophomores at Forbush High School. Each one is a networking superstar worthy of a guest appearance on the hit television show, "The Big Bang Theory." Oh yea, and they all participate on the track team.

Travis Dixon runs the 800m and 1 mile distance races. His personal best in the mile is 5:54. Zachary Murray competes in the discus and shot put throws. His best recorded throw in discus is 95' 4". Charlie Wyrick competes in the 2 mile race and has a personal best of 12:25 while Nick Marshall runs the 100m, 200m and 400m races. Marshall's best time in the 400m is 1:03.

Not bad for a bunch of good ole boy geniuses!


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