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Golden State Liars

Updated on November 29, 2012

Joe Lacob (Liar No. 1)

Andrew Bogut (Liar No. 2)

Your Golden State Liars

In the words of Denny Green: "They are who we thought they were...". That sums up the not so new ownership group of the Golden State Warriors. I cannot say I am surprised, hurt, or even bothered because this is something that has been happening for the better part of my lifetime. Since the Chris Cohan era, the organization has made a point of telling us one thing, only to find out later that not only were they being untruthful, they knew they were doing so and only came forward because the media was about to tell it. With that all said, I am surprised at how they went about doing it.

For the first time in recent memory, the Golden State Warriors found a willing participant in Lie Fest 2012. This person is none other than their injured center Andrew Bogut. He knowingly went along with the lie, in hopes that his return to play would cover everything up. It didn't. He knowingly missed all of preseason and most of this season hoping that the fans would forget how we acquired him in the first place. They didn't.

Since his initial press conference, Joe Lacob has done nothing but sell the fans of the Golden State Warriors lies about the team (i.e. the direction it is headed in...literally and figuratively), and the players (injuries), and made promises he can't keep and realistically has very little control over (i.e. guaranteeing a playoff run). It must be noted that though Warriors fans are extremely passionate, some of the most passionate and loudest in the NBA, they cannot be fooled any more than they already have, They have been through Joe Barry Carroll, Chris Washburn, Chris Webber, Latrell Sprewell, the Antawn Jamison years, the 'We Believe' team that was destroyed prematurely, and Monta Ellis being dealt for a center that still has not played.

As a basketball fan, I understand the trade. In fact, I was one of the few in and around the Bay Area (that is not a member of the media) who felt it was a great trade. I still feel that way. But, Joe Lacob owes it to his fanbase to cease the misleading manner in which he goes about doing his business as it pertains to the Golden State Warriors. Mr. Lacob talked about building a winner here in Oakland, but before the dust could settle, he went snooping in San Francisco and soon thereafter unveiled plans for a waterfront arena on the pier. What happened to building a winner in Oakland?

Prior to the beginning of the lockout-shortened season, Joe "guaranteed" the Golden State Warriors would not only have an All-Star, but they would make the playoffs. Not only did a Warrior not become an All-Star (no big deal, it hasn't happened since 1994), the Warriors didn't sniff the playoffs. To add insult to injury, they traded their fan favorite Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks for an injured center days after saying they were doing everything in their power to make the playoffs and weren't giving up on the season. Making matters even worse, in our second game back home after the deal was done, the Warriors played the Bucks on a Friday night. It was Monta Ellis' first game in a Bucks uniform. We all know remember how this whole thing culminated on Chris Mullin's night three days later. The media has done their part, and the fans let Mr. Lacob know they were none too pleased with his actions in the past 48 hours after the trade, however, they have not held him responsible for what continues to happen. The Warriors fans are still showing up night after night and rooting their team on. They are still allowing this owner to make decisions without considering the fans and complaining about it later. The parties involved need to be stopped.

And that brings me to Andrew Bogut.

How dare you sit there on the bench with your unkempt beard and your wild hair knowing that you have lied to the fans of the Bay Area. You know not our culture. You know not our history. You know not anything about us other than what you see on a nightly basis. Warriors fans are used to their players being hurt, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but to lie about it makes matters so much worse. Why let the fans know now that the "procedure" was microfracture surgery and you'd be out for an extended period of time? Why not allow the lies to continue? I know why you came out now. The media was about to find out. God forbid the media uncovers the truth, once again. God forbid we find out that the owner has lied to the fans, once again. Lord help us if we discover that Andrew Bogut will miss a significant amount of time, if not the entire season, because of a surgery. Warriors fans would die if they found out the injury was more servere.

Mr. Lacob and Mr. Bogut, allow me to tell you what Warriors fans would do: They would be highly upset, they'd boo you loudly, get it all out of their system, and keep showing up at Oracle Arena night after night. Win or lose. That's how they roll. If you paid attention to the fanbase, you'd know that. There was and is no reason to lie to them. They will stand behind you no matter what, even if it is detrimental to do so. Your actions may have alienated a few, but it isn't the entire fanbase, and you don't care about fans that aren't season ticketholders anyway, so it really doesn't matter. That being the case, you have even less reason to lie.

If turning the fans against you and getting booed is what you are in it for, you have succeeded.

If finding decent players to fill roster spots and hoping for the playoffs is what you are looking for, you're on the right path.

If setting up a coach to get you a quarter of the way there so you can hire a new one once you move into your new arena is what you are going for, keep doing what you're doing.

If having a big man whom you believe could be top five at his position in street clothes all season is how you get down, then carry on.

Just don't be mad if the public address announcer slips and says, "Please welcome out to the floor, your Golden State Li-arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!" the next time your team comes out for pregame warm-ups.


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