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Golden State Warriors Basketball

Updated on November 20, 2010

A New Day

On November 15, 2010, the Golden State Warriors were finally, through some act of mercy, under new ownership. A group headed by venture capitalist Joe Lacob and Peter Guber certainly has to be better than the 16 years of tyranny and utter failure of the previous owner, Christopher Cohan, who had all of one playoff appearance to his name in all of his years of ownership.

I guess it's kind of old school now, but I go back to right before the beginning of the dark period, aka the Cohan administration. I first became a fan the year before Tim Hardaway was drafted. Winston Garland was the point guard at the time and from what I remember he was just ok. However, they had a young rookie named Mitch Richmond and an up and coming lights out shooter named Chris Mullin. They had a multi-positional player in Rod Higgins and a 7'7" rail thin shotblocker named Manute Bol. I don't remember much of the regular season since this back in 1988, but they were fortunate enough to make the playoffs, becoming the first team to overcome an 0-2 deficit in a best of 5 series to win and advance to the 2nd round. Having seen lots of Lakers finals games on CBS prior to this, I thought the playoffs were normal for whatever team I watched. Sadly I was wrong. So wrong.

Golden State Warriors

New Golden State Warriors Logo
New Golden State Warriors Logo

Today, the 2010-2011 Golden State Warriors are starting off slightly better than anyone thought they'd be. Not dominating, but not scuffling along with other teams that have traditionally struggled in more recent years. New ownership to me, as a fan, has been like a new lease on life. I counted on the Cohan-owned Warriors to stink it up. I wanted them to succeed so badly, but in my heart of hearts, with the exception of the one surprising playoff year and the following year when they came up just short, I knew they didn't have what it took. Bad talent, bad coaching, bad chemistry, bad front office. Bad ownership=bad mojo. I'm not really sure what Mr. Lacob and Mr. Guber have in store, but they say all the right things and the front office so far has made some decent moves both talent wise and in terms of salary cap flexibility, with the intent to land a huge talent with expiring contracts and/or a large amount of cap space. Things are finally starting to look up. If they got rid of Robert Rowell and Bob Fitzgerald I'd love them even more. Go Warriors!


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    • winTastic profile image

      winTastic 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      I'm a huge warriors fan. Check out my hub sometime too. Go warriors!