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Top 6 Golf Courses in China

Updated on March 19, 2018
Kenna McHugh profile image

Kenna loves the game of golf, always working on her short game. If travel is involved all the better for the game.

PGA Tours

For some time, golf in Asia has been quite popular with locals and tourists. Men's professional golf tour in Asia is part of PGA Tours, which calculates the number of players. The numbers roughly increase 25 – 30 percent each year. Prevailing golf professionals from the past and present, such as Su Dong and Wu Ashu, are helping the popularity by placing the sport in the China spotlight. As a result, private corporate sponsorships are coming on board to invest in Asian golf courses and creating perfect conditions for any level of golfer to participate in the game.

The options of golf courses around the Macau region seem endless. Here are two impressive courses recommended by one of the more prestigious hotels in the region.

Concierges at local hotels can arrange for tee times and transportation to lush forest-lined fairways that are easily accessible.

1. Macau Golf & Country Club

Hiroshima Ikea

Macau Golf & Country Club is only forty minutes away by car from the many grand hotels in Macau. The holes are both outstanding and well planned by designer Hiroshima Ikea with a narrow and undulating fairway, a memorable experience for any golfer in spite of one’s score. There is a limited-access for guests, so call in advance for the tee-off time.

2. Caesars Golf Course

T K Pen

Caesars Golf Course is only thirty minutes by car from Macau's hotels. A fairly flat course designed by T K Pen and manages to keep the attention due to its diversity with dogleg rights, dogleg lefts, and straightaway holes. Included is a good mix of short and long holes.

Longer Drive

More golf courses add diversity to your game, yet you’ll need to drive much farther – between forty to eighty minutes from Macau. But, the drive is worth it if you want to golf even more with variety.

3. Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club

Colin Montgomerie

Designed by Colin Montgomerie, Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club course is visually stunning 27-hole golf course. The creation offers 9 holes for night time play. The forty minutes drive from Macau is well worth it to the oasis with lush green fairways. The course is available to the public with memberships available.

The 40-minute to 80-minute drive is worth it if you want to golf even more with variety.


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4. Lakewood Golf Club

J. Michael Poellot

Lakewood Golf Club lies at the base of South Mountain in Jingding Town of Zhuhai city. About a 30-minute drive from Macau, the two superb 18-hole golf courses designed by J. Michael Poellot, makes the trek worth it. The lakes and plants everywhere bring golfers to the natural world. The club gained several awards, including U.S. Gold Digest’s “Ten Best Golf Courses in China.” Membership is required, but you might ask your hotel's concierge to check for availability.

5. The Agile Golf & Country

JMP Design Group

The Agile Golf & Country Club lulls near the majestic Changjiang Reservoir about 80 minutes from Macau. The club manages two courses designed by JMP Design Group. Northern zone is the steep and extensive course. The southern zone is surrounded by hills on one side and water on the other in complete harmony with nature. Amazingly, each course features 36-holes. The Club has proudly won the “Best Fairway Maintenance” award in eight consecutive years by China Golf and permanently awarded the “Ten Best New Golf Courses in China”.

Ideal Golf Courses

Visiting Macau places players within close proximity of ideal golf courses, and concierges at local hotels can arrange for tee times and transportation to lush forest-lined fairways that are easily accessible. Once you arrive, the golfing is endless with playful nights at the near by casinos.

6. The Dunes at Shenzhou Peninsula


The Dunes located at Shenzhou Peninsula is the only coastal golf course in Asia. Designed by Tom Weiskopf the three 18-hole golf course winds around the indigenous sand dunes keeping with the natural peninsula.

The course received a fair share of accolades being was ranked the in 2010 as 3rd Best New International Course by Golf Magazine and in 2011 was named the Best Golf Course in China by Robb Report Best of the Best Award.

Laid out on the east coast of Hainan, the ecological landscape including mammoth dunes and indigenous plants against inspiring views offers a golfer’s paradise.

Golfers report the changing winds are constant and add a challenge to each tee off. They learn to further their strategy by approaching eye hole differently when playing a round of golf.

Keep in mind there are three courses – east and west courses - each hole different in approach but a challenge due to the weather changes.

It is highly recommended that you book a tee time in advance on weekdays and weekends.

© 2016 Kenna McHugh


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