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Christmas Golf Gifts - The Long Putter

Updated on October 8, 2011
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Marian (aka Azure11) has been playing golf for over 20 years and has volunteered as a marshal at quite a number of golf tournaments.

Long Putter/Belly Putter

Long putters and belly putters have been around for more than a decade on the professional and amateur circuit. On first glance at these kinds of putters you have to think 'is such a long putter allowed?' but yes, belly putters and long putters, as we know from recent tournaments, are officially allowed on professional golf tour events.

Belly putters are, as per the name, putters that are longer than a normal putter and the end of the putter sits against the belly. Long putters are even longer and need a very straight or upright stance. Both are classed as long putters.

Up until recently though long putters seemed to be a bit of a white elephant - a kind of grasp at something when you couldn't get on with a normal putter. However, the tide may be changing, albeit slowly, with recent tour wins of players using long putters. The most notable first victory was Adam Scott, who already had a lot of attention placed on him after he hired Tiger Woods old caddy, Steve Williams. He won the Bridgestone Invitational using a long putter. Shortly after this Keegan Bradley was the first player to win a major using a belly putter at the PGA Championship.

The Scotty Cameron Kombi Belly Putter
The Scotty Cameron Kombi Belly Putter | Source

How Long is a Long Putter?

Well there are obviously various different lengths of putter depending on the player, within certain limits, but a standard length putter is normally in the region of 34 inches long. The long putter is around 48 to 50 inches long, so a significant difference to the standard length. A belly putter is usually slightly shorter than a long putter at around 42-43 inches, but can still be up to around 46 inches.

The putter that Adam Scott uses is the Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Putter and this is available in either 48 inches or 50 inch lengths. This putter was originally designed for use by a few tour players who wanted a longer putter but is now available on general sale (see below).

However, other putters are available in lengths starting at 41 inches so there is quite a variety in terms of length of long putters.

Adam Scott's Long Putter

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi RH 34
Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi RH 34

The Scotty Cameron series of Kombi Putters are available through Amazon and you can choose which length of putter you want, including the 50 inch belly putter. This is the putter that Adam Scott uses. However, at close on $300 this is not going to be affordable to the everyday golfer!


Will Long Putters Become The Norm?

At the moment it is only on rare occasions that you see tour players using the long putter or belly putter but as more players with long putters score victories they may be seen more often, At the moment there is not enough data to know whether the long putter actually gives you more accuracy in your putts or not as not enough players are using it.

Reports on long putters say that they give you less accuracy and control over the club direction but maybe it is a question of what suits each player. A long putter could suit a player with a bad back more as there is less bending over the ball required.

More players are starting to use belly putters and long putters. Brett Rumford, the Australian golfer is currently using a long putter and there are other players on the European Tour that are also converting to a longer putter. There are also rumours that Phil Mickleson is starting to use a long putter so maybe it is only a matter of time before more top players give it a try.

Christmas Gifts - Belly Putters

So if you are looking for a long putter as a Christmas (or other occasion) gift, or even just for yourself to see if you can push your putting to a different level, or even if you just need to change your golf up a bit or want to give it a try to see if you take to it, then there are plenty more affordable options of long putters available.

As a golf gift it is likely to be something that a golfer may not have tried yet so would be a novelty and may even improve their golf.

Buying a Long Putter - Options

Yes! C-Groove Emma CS Belly Putter RH 44"
Yes! C-Groove Emma CS Belly Putter RH 44"

A more affordable belly putter - this one comes in a standard length of 42 inches and is available in right hand only option.



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