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Golf Phenom Zakiya "Z" Randall Talks Stephen Curry With ESPN

Updated on June 27, 2017

Golf Sensation 'Z' Talks Stephen Curry

Golfer 'Z' is a force to reckon with both on and off the green. The internet golf sensation has been active in paving the way for promoting youth issues and the organizations that help the youth in resolving these issues. She talks with ESPN about her work with Kevin Durant and about her love for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors on the video game console and off it too.

‘Z’ the spokesperson
She loves taking pressing issues of modern times in front of large crowds. She loves influencing entrepreneurs into investing in the future. She not only talks about girls taking up golf but also single moms taking up any kind of sport without worrying about the backlash from peers and family members. She has had the privilege of influencing young and old girls alike to take up golfing through her internet fame. She is being called a Golf Trailblazer. She can tell from the standing ovation she gets at these events that she is touching the right chords and making an impact around the world.

‘Z’ on the giving back event with Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant and Zakiya share a very similar background as they both were raised by single moms in the respective sport. This is something that they are proud of and both of them go to all lengths in promoting single moms in sports as a player or as a ‘moms’. They both hail from the D.C area and have the aspirations to inspire single sports moms in the future. They both believe in the fact that giving back is like a law in the area where they hail from, the Nations Capital. Zakiya is certainly playing her part by using her internet fame to good effect.

‘Z’ on her love for golf, Warriors and Stephen Curry
Hailing from D.C., ‘Z’ has a natural love for basketball. She tells ESPN about her love for the Golden state Warriors. The fan flag is held high because of an uncanny reason, she sights. She is a big video game fan and her all time favorite game is NBA 2000. She says that the warriors are her favorite team on the console and now off it too. Her favorite player on the court is MVP Stephen Curry.

‘Z’ on her internet fame
Zakiya is using her internet fame to good effect. Also known as the golf humanitarian, she picks up issues on the green and off it too. Her fashionable and numerous Blue Golf Outfits puts you in the mind of the AT&T blue logo, all things techy(Elon Musk(Tesla), Facebook, Twitter, Intel, IBM, GE and PayPal) and of course the Beautiful Blue Sky.
But then who could not notice the Red Pants she was wearing on her first TV appearance with the Golf Channel that put you in the mind of somewhere between the Oracle Team USA and of course ESPN.
She uses her social media fame in order to spread awareness about socio-political
stigmas around her. With her large plethora of trophies in cases, she says that the standing ovation she gets from the crowd further cements her winning ability and her love for her fans. She is playing her little part in changing the world, bit by bit and has her being a techno-savvy byte by byte.

‘Z’ on her future
Her first major break in professional golf was when she played in the LPGA U.S. Women Open after becoming the first to win the Medal and 1st Place and blossomed on TV and becoming an TV golf Star just after she filmed for Big Break Atlantis. She has participated in several LPGA related events. In the interview, she discusses at length about her passion for golf, sports and inspiring the youth.

Golf Phenom Zakiya Randall 'Z'


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