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Golf: Simple advice from a golf coach, suitable for any player. Lesson 9:

Updated on December 8, 2010


‘Touch and Feel’, tend to be aspects of the game that people think are un-teachable. However there is something you can all do that will help improve your touch and feel. In order to do this we have to relinquish some control to our immensely talented subconscious. Anytime you have a short shot, a chip or a putt, do a few practice swings whilst looking at the hole. Don’t think consciously about how far to swing and how hard you need to hit the shot, merely focus on the hole and feel how much power the shot requires. Don’t try to make yourself hit it the right distance, allow yourself to hit it the right distance. It’s difficult to hit what you can’t see, by practicing swinging with your head down you are not familiarising yourself with your target and golf is a target game.


Today’s lesson: On short shots do your practice swings whilst looking at the hole.


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