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Golf Swing Mechanics - Golf Swing Perfection

Updated on May 7, 2013
Golf Swing Mechanics
Golf Swing Mechanics

Mechanics of a Proper Golf Swing

So you want to learn golf swing mechanics? Don't even think about getting an expensive tutor to teach the secrets of swinging a golf club. No matter what people say, there is no one perfect swing that is going to make you a master. You can make your own perfect swing by endeavoring. Here's some handy tips to get the ball rolling:

Once you understand what golf swing mechanics are, you will grasp the foundation essential for a better swing. These are established on your stance, posture, golf grip and movement.

A flawed stance will adversely influence your overall distance. A good stance and flawed grip will yield the same results. Grasping the club too firmly will also reduce your distance. Opt instead for a neutral grasp of the club. When swinging, try to keep a consistent speed throughout the movement.

Doing everything right may still be for naught if your not fit enough to play. Exercising regularly is crucial for a good game. It will help you to avert injuries and improve upon your current game.

For any difficulties in your golf game, check out Golf Swing Mechanics for guidance.

Improve Your Putting Easily

In golf, if you want improvement in your putting, you will have to spend the necessary time on it. You may have good distance but if you continuously putt around the hole, it will be pointless.

How many times have you looked up to watch the ball during a putt? I'm guilty of this myself, curiosity does get the better of you. Many times it's this action that causes you to miss the hole completely. This does happen more during shorter putts. If you look up to early, you may ruin your follow through and your putt might run short of target.
Looking up to early can also move your shoulder out of position which can mess up the designated path of the ball.
To fix this, simply follow this advice:
When taking a short putt, remain staring at golf ball placement spot until you hear it drop inside the hole. With a longer putt, wait about 2 seconds before looking up to see where it lands.

If you would like to improve your game all around using the same techniques as myself, use this guide, Golf Putting Improvement to multiply your chances of an improved game.

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Golf Swing Improvement

We all want an easy way to improve our golf swing. It takes time and hard work, there is no quick fix, though there are ways to dramatically decrease the amount of time it would normally take. Here's a few quick pointers to get you started:

If you want the ball to remain on a constant straight path, be sure to maintain a square clubface. This is quite important for your swing.

Try to keep a continuous fluid motion when taking a swing i.e. do not use a slow backswing and speed up for the downswing, keep it all at one steady pace.

Avoid gripping the clubs too hard, you will be sure that you are doing this if you regularly suffer with sore hands. Too tight a grip will drastically reduce your distance. Loosen your grip with each consecutive swing and watch as your distance steadily begins to improve.

Condition your body with regular golf exercises. Your play in all fields will benefit and you will reduce the risk of any injury. Keep practicing and you will see a vast improvement over time.

If you still need guidance and would like to develop your game in all areas, have a look at Improve Your Golf Swing for the best guidance.


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