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Golf Widow, not all bad!

Updated on August 8, 2013



Golf widow - not bad really

The advantages of being a golf widow are quite numerous really. Firstly, I work full time so getting time to myself is quite hard sometimes, but in the summer months, most weekend afternoons are my own to do as I wish.

So the advantages I see are:

Time - You get at least 4-5 hours to yourself on a Saturday and Sunday, you can shop, walk your dog, sunbathe, whatever you like really. The evenings are not spent alone, as no one plays golf at night.

Golf Club - Your husband/partner is the member of a golf club, which are always quite fancy, often have a spa, or fitness area, some have a swimming pool, and then there is the golf presentation nights, where you get to dress up and have an evening out. The one disadvantage here is that you might be in a group that only talk about golf! Most of the wives do talk about something else so you just leave them to it!

Golf Holidays - You get to go on golf holidays, and stay in lovely hotels, which usually have a spa, swimming pool and are normally quite swish, and most of all normally in nice warm places such as Spain or Portugal. Also quiet, as all the golfers are out on the course you often have the pool to yourself.

Christmas and Birthdays - Sorted, golf books, golf clubs, golf clothing any golf course booked for a game, this list is endless.

Weekend Breaks - The odd weekend break in a smart hotel where you can relax.

TV - Now there is a lot of golf on the television, competitions and such, and while he is watching the golf, you can either watch it with him, which I don't actually mind watching, but because it is not too loud, you can read a book or magazine without getting distracted. Watching golf can be quite relaxing. Or, you can go upstairs or in another room and watch something that your husband/partner wouldn't want to watch with you, so once again, only positives here.

You know where he is - Golfers are either at the golf club or at the golf shop when they are not at home, so you don't really loose them. If they are at the club you can always take a book and go and have a quiet drink while waiting for the game to finish.

Crazy Golf - You always beat them at crazy golf, because they actually try, and you just whack the ball. And, it drives them mad..

Golf Handicap - When their golf handicap goes down the mood of the golfer will rise dramatically, use this to your best advantage and ask NOW..

Golf Buggy - When on holiday in a beautiful place the golf courses are always very scenic, and you get to drive the golf buggy, which is fun. The scenery is lovely and there is always some wildlife and wonderful plants and trees to look at, while getting a tan.

Golf Tournaments - Golf days out where they go for the whole day and watch some professionals playing golf, this is a WHOLE day and sometimes you get to see them on the TV when you spot them walking around the course watching Tiger Woods.

I like having time to myself, so getting every weekend to do what ever I want is never a bad thing, the plus point is that it is not all day, just either mid afternoon or early evening, so you are not alone all weekend, you just get some time to yourself.

Bad Points

Winter - Winter playing is weather dependant, so there may be times when a game is booked and it doesn't happen, now this is the worse type, as they didn't know they were going to be at home, so they are bored with nothing to do and the weather is bad! so you can't do much. Your nice planned day will be ruined..For one of two reasons, they will moan all day that they are bored, or they will want to do something that you had not planned, or worse still both, you have to listen to them moan about the weather AND you have to do something you don't really want to, which often for me means a trip to the golf shop to drool over an expensive golf club or maybe if I am lucky a DIY shop, once again either way you day is ruined..

With this you have to turn it around and have a back up plan, just in case. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, if it is looking like golf is a no no, think, and think quickly of something you can do which will get him out of the house or keep him busy. A bit of forward planning is needed here.

Rain - Rain sometimes does not stop play, but you will be left with a lot of wet and smelly golf clothes when it does not. Just be ready with an empty washing machine and a towel.

Car Boot - Often has golf clubs and a trolley in so you can't get anything else in the boot.

Golf Handicap - Now here, we have had sleepless nights because his handicap went up. This can be devastating for the golfer, and uncomprehending to the non-golfer, here you just have to seem like you care!

Suntan - The golfers tan, this is where when they take off their golf shirt the tan stops half way up the arms, a ring around the neck and a white hat line. Nothing can be done here really, you will just have to live with it. Luckily you go on golf holidays where they are all the same so they all understand

The bad points are really just the weather and unplanned non golf days, which with a bit of planning can be turned around to your advantage, on a whole the bad points are not so bad really.

Golf Course

The golf course, can be a pleasant walk!
The golf course, can be a pleasant walk! | Source

Golf Widow Good or Bad

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