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Goodbye Candlestick Park

Updated on June 3, 2014

Opening day

Candlestick Park was opened on April 6th 1960.

Have you ever attended a game at Candlestick?

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Candlestick Park has changed names a few times over the years but it always was Candlestick or the Stick. It's sad to see the stadium being demolished and the Niners moving to Santa Clara.


Things you may or may not know about Candlestick

The Stick was also the home of the SF Giants until they built their own stadium

the Beatles last performance was there

1989 World Series earthquake

the Raiders called it home for a couple of seasons

originally built for baseball

New Staduim

Are you excited about the new stadium?

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The Catch

Who knew this one catch by Dwight Clark from Joe Montana would be spark the beginning of a dynasty!

What's your favorite Candlestick memory?

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The 49ers have had a lot of great players and squads through the years and I've had the honor to witness. My dream was to travel to San Francisco just to visit or go to a game at Candlestick. Now that chance is gone but I still have my favorite memories that made me love the 49ers through thick and thin!

TD record breaker

Jerry Rice tied and broke Walter Payton's touchdown record against the the Oakland Raiders.

Steve Young's TD run

Steve Young ran for the winning TD against the Minnesota Vikings which led to the 49ers to a victory in the closing minutes of the game.

Vernon Davis winning catch

Vernon Davis saves the day in an epic battle against the Saints that went down to the wire. Davis caught the winning TD and left the field crying and went straight to his coach and received a big hug.

Pick at the Stick

Thanks to Brock who broke up the intended pass to Douglas that ended up in Bowman's hands that led to the game clinching TD with a win in the last game played at Candlestick!

Montana's last game as a 49er

Joe Montana played one last game as 49er and went out with a bang. It was his first game since coming back from being injured. Such a bittersweet moment for Montana and the fans.

Your favorite moments

What's your favorite memory, game or event that took place at Candlestick? Post in comment section your favorite memory of any game you've attended or watched.


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