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Gracie Gold aims at triple axel?

Updated on September 26, 2015

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Recently Gracie Gold said she aims at triple axel and even quad.

What in God's name got into her head?

I don't know if that's originally Frank Caroll's idea, which I try not to believe. If it's her idea, what made her think of that? Evidently Gold is feeling pressure to do something that helps her rise above the Russian barrier. But how she has come to that conclusion is a mystery to me.

Is she really thinking that she has a chance if she adds a triple axel or she's just bored of figure skating itself?

Of course I am aware of Liza's triple axel and those Russian coaches' propaganda. But why on earth are we reacting to their silly campaign?

Triple axel? Please do double axel properly if you can.

Today, no active competitive skaters on earth do triple jumps properly. Worse yet, they don't even know how to use their body on ice. Let us talk about Liza, the ISU's champion. Are her triple jumps including triple axel really good enough to earn GOE? Of course not.

Let 's not kid ourselves. Liza's triple axel is just a good propaganda tool for the ISU and Russians. They desperately want to show the world that Liza's crown is worth something for its name sake, but who in his sanity will buy that crap?

Gracie's triple jumps, if I judge strictly, will range almost always from -2 to -1. Of course, Gold's jump quality is not necessarily much superior to Liza's, but Liza's is not better than Gold's either. Both skaters have deficiency. While Gold takes all the beating from the judges, Liza gets away with all the craps as long as she lands.

I guess Gold feels it necessary to show her skating is in essence superior to Liza's by at least adding triple axel, after all since no one cares about authenticity any longer these days.

Land jumps. That's all that matters, right?

Just forget about how corrupt the ISU and its judges are. That's none of our business. Let them have all the defrauded crowns they want. We ain't prostitute our integrity; we are not going to become one of them.

Gracie Gold and Frank Carroll must remember that we are the very household of ladies figure skating, and we are responsible for its heritage.

Gracie Gold

According to NBC sports, Gracie Gold has been planning this for some time. I hope this is just her way of throwing a practical joke, because this would otherwise become a fool's parade.

My dear Gracie, you ain't get a medal even if you do ten quads in competition. Our medal drought has nothing to do with absence of triple axel or quad. It is a collective judging fraud present in the current figure skating that ultimately keeps you from rising further, if not by your poor performances.

Let us say you did successfully land a quad or a triple axel. The judges still will fault it piping on the so called quality. Liza's triple axel? Screw that! Who cares that crap! Let those Russians fanfare all they want. That phony lie and deception!

Of course, the ISU and Russians are desperate to make their champion look legitimate. That's why they are busy with Liza's triple axel PR.

But with a skater whose real PCS only amounts to about 6.5? That's right. They can paint her with 8.5 or even 9.0 on PCS with +2 or +3 GOE on virtually all elements. Sorry, they can't get away with their lie.

Gracie must remember that her skating is at least healthy unlike Russians'. She doesn't have to feel any need to prove herself with triple axel or quad. She'd better not jeopardize her entire skating. No matter how Russians and the ISU are busy with Liza's global PR, Liza's skating level doesn't even surpass 7.0 in PCS average.

What is expected from Gracie Gold is not some stunt that could have produced a fabricated glory, but true efforts to level up her skating asset. Don't waste your time, Gracie. Remember our legends skated with their figure skating philosophy and visions. That's what you should do.

What do you think about Gold's plan to try triple axel or even quad? How would you advise her?

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    • profile image

      remedy 2 years ago

      funny thing is changing name in this article from liz to mao and roll back to 2007 . it will be same good article! i am not joking.

    • profile image

      rz7 3 years ago

      Gracie already has a very nice 3A, although at this point only in a harness:

    • profile image

      remedy 3 years ago

      jesus jess you didn't see this coming? it all started from 2008 when yuna start to beat mao hopelessly. ISU did invented rule book change to favor mao's 3a. yeah that is right they increased bv of 3a from 7.5 to 8.5. in fact this was so ridiculous. even quad lutz and 4a diffrence was mearly 1.3. but 3a and 3l difference is whopping 2.5. gap is so big even UR 3a had same BV of 3l. comedy didn't even end there. just look at team trophy liza fell on 3a had end up with higher than 2a . just never ending circus. lol