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2015 Grand Prix Final

Updated on December 16, 2015

Who sees a hope in the current ladies figure skating? I wonder what the USFSA is thinking, sending out our skaters only to be humiliated by the institutional fraud. Sad. Really sad. How the once great sport has become a clown show! Although I admire all the efforts Evgenia puts out on ice, it's pathetic. It looks like a skeletal wooden puppet imitating figure skating. Give me a break!

Evgenia did very well except that her skating will be appreciated in junior level not in senior.

All her jumps deserve -2 to -3 if judged accurately. But I decided to give her complimentary points for her efforts. Yeah, that's a terrible skating.

Due to her tiny stature, she constantly rocks. She never rides on continual momentum. All her moves are awkward, fractured, and jagged. Her spins couldn't be uglier. Her power and speed are much desired.

Well, she might be a bit better than Julia a few years ago for that matter, but it's so painful to watch her skating.

Her jumps are -1,-2,-1,-1,-2 -1 and -1. Her PCS is 6.5.

There is no way for her to win or even break top 5. Simply she is the least competent skater out there.

I like the way she handles the performance.

However, her skating is also not qualified for senior level. As you know by now, this is not about physiological discrimination. There are two pillars that support figure skating as a sport. One is strength, which represents power. The other is speed.

These two are core technical elements that outline quantitative quality of performance. Because of its competition nature, skaters must show their various crafts in terms of these two factors. Without them, their performances cannot be substantiated.

Her jumps are not jumps but hops. Though she shows competence in body moves unlike Russian skaters, she is unable to elbow her peers in power.

In fact, her skating is another example of technical cheating. Her jumps are weak and low. Her edge is just scratching the ice. Even in her best jump, I don't see technical merits enough to render her +GOE.

Her jumps are -1,0,0,0,0,0, and 0. Her PCS is 6.75.

By the way her Biellmann was good.

If you compare Elena to Satoko, you will notice how Elena's skating is stronger than Satoko's.

Of course, Satoko's skating is far more polished and proficient than Elena's.

It's a bit tricky to grade Elena's jumps. For example, Elena's first jump is -2 per se, but in comparison with Satoko's, I feel compelled to give Elena -1 instead of -2. And also I gave Satoko 6.75 PCS average, so I think Elena deserves 7.0 this time.

Elena's jumps are -1,0,-1,-1,-1,-3 and -1. Her PCS is 7.0.

Curiously the camera seems to zoom out on Elena's jumps all the time. I guess cameraman also knew Elena's ugly posture in the air.

Sad. You look everywhere. All you see are lies and people who are busy covering them up.

Good job!

That's how you skate. Ashley is the best ladies figure skater today. No doubt. Although I am always unsatisfied with her glitz on jumps, I am glad to see her skate this well.

Her jumps are +1,0,-1,0,+1, 0 and 0. Her PCS is 7.75.

Too bad.

Two hand-downs and a step out definitely cost her, but in Gracie's skating, there is no technical cheating. That's a big difference.

Her jumps are -3, 0,0,-3,single, -3, and -1. Her PCS is 7.0.

By the way, a few judging tips: hands down, step-out, two footed are all automatic -3. Also unintended single or double is disqualified for +GOE, though not necessarily penalized. Wrong, or ugly air position, lack of running edge, or insufficient power and speed are all disqualified for +GOE.

In order to appreciate Mao Asada, you don't have to be her fan.

Its so obvious that she is the most skillful and polished skater out there. Although her jumps show a little glitz, the way she handles the performance tells a story about Asada.

It is masterful and well orchestrated.

Her jumps are -3,double,-1,0(double on 2nd jump),-1 and -1. Her PCS is 7.5.

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