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Great Campsite Recipes

Updated on July 28, 2011

Campsite Cuisine

Eating while camping can be tough. Not all meals that cook well at home do as well in a campsite. Knowing what to attempt and what to avoid takes experience. However, once the experience is gained, a lot of great meals can rise to the top of the list.

Salmon as a Campsite Meal

Salmon is a great campsite treat. Start with a gutted and cleaned fish. Because of the cooking method, no removal of the tail or head is necessary. Place butter and garlic inside the fish. Wrap it in aluminum foil so that no juices can escape. Set the fish onto hot coals, preferably away from hotly burning flames. Cooking times will vary but for a whole, adult salmon, 40 minutes will do. Rely on you judgment to decide if the fish is fully cooked as the temperature of coals is hard to determine. The best part of this method is that before eating, one simply peels back the skin. The fish can then be served onto plates or it can simply be made into finger food. Once the top of the fish is gone, grab the tail and all the bones will lift away, exposing the bottom side of the meal. Few campsite meals are as easy to prepare or eat.

Chicken and squash
Chicken and squash

Steak and Chicken as Campsite Meals

Place chopped peppers, onions and garlic into a sheet of aluminum foil and then place the meat on top. Wrap the contents so that no juices can escape. Place the package onto hot coals and let cook 35 minutes for chicken and 45minutes for steak. These times vary basked on the heat of the coals and how well done you may like your steak. The contents are then ready to eat. For easier consumption, cutting the meat into cubes allows campers to eat out of the tinfoil with a fork. A plate is still recommended to avoid spills.

Baked Potatoes on the Campfire

No hot campsite dish is easier to cook than baked potatoes. Cut the potatoes in half and lay the halves onto foil. Add onions and butter, wrap the foil around it and put it into the coals. If you happen to use a whole potato, be sure to poke holes into the potato to avoid popping because this can scatter hot coals around the camp. Cooking time for half a potato is usually 40 minutes.

Pancakes on a Campfire Griddle

Making pancakes is as simple as adding water to a pre-made mix. This treat requires a flat griddle and some cooking oil. Position the griddle flat and start cooking. For this particular meal, be sure you have a means to clean up. Pancake batter will usually burn onto the edges of the griddle. In contrast to the added clean up, storing the rations for this meal is easy. If you don’t want to carry liquid syrup, jam, jelly or fruit preserves also make good toppings.

Peanut butter and jelly apple
Peanut butter and jelly apple

Apples Baked on a Campfire

Start by coring an apple from the top with a conical cut. The idea is to leave the bottom of the apple in tact. About an inch of flesh at the bottom should do. Follow by stuffing the hole with the ingredients of choice. This can be berries, preserves, jelly, caramel squares, cinnamon or just about anything else that will spice up an apple. Wrap the apple in foil and place it upright in the coals. This treat cooks fast. It will take at least fifteen minutes and no more than forty. This makes a great wintertime treat and goes very well with coffee. Be sure the apple is cool enough before eating. Using a spoon or fork is recommended.

Cooking with Fire

Always remember how dangerous fire can be. Burns to the hands can easily occur if caution is not taken with the above methods. Food should be handled with utensils long enough to keep your hands out of any flames. Don’t grab the foil packages off the coals without some sort of protection for your hands. Obviously, food cooked on coals or a fire will be hot and should be cooled to a safe temperature before eating. Remember that leaning over a fire can drop your hair into the flames. The list of safety rules for working with a campfire is long and is not covered here. Be sure to exercise caution at any time you are near a fire.

These recipes are designed as suggestions for meals and in no way constitute a guide for fire or cooking safety. Anyone attempting to use these recipes should do so only after consulting official guidelines on fire safety and cooking safety.


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    • Brad Beard profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Beard 

      7 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

      Thanks Jonesy. My other posts have a few more tips if you care to look. Once you find things that work, you can think up others that are similar.

    • Jonesy0311 profile image


      7 years ago

      Excellent recipes. My wife and I recently got back into camping and had to suffer a two week trip with sandwiches and baked beans. I'll add these to my mental toolbox. I'm sure my wife will appreciate it.


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