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Great Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Updated on August 29, 2012

For the Mountain biker On Your List

Great Gifts for Mountain Bikers

You have a person in your life who's idea of fun is going off early on their bike while the rest of us are still snuggled up in bed and then when they get home they are muddy and wet. But the one thing that's really different about them is that big smile that goes from ear to ear. You may not understand it but going off on these bike rides whether it's on a quiet single track route they've done a thousand times or that big downhill where all their friends try to clear the big double jump, this mountain biking thing makes them smile and beam. This mountain biker might be your husband, wife, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter but you want to buy them a special gift. Even if sometimes they spend more time working on that expletive bike then they do your car. You want to get your mountain biker a gift, something that says you thought about them and the things they like before you picked out their gift.

Thule Lowrider Bike Mount

If the rider in your family just throws their bike in the back of the pickup when they go riding. Or if you have seen them with their front wheel hanging over the back tailgate of the pickup or just a pile of bikes laying down in the back of a pick up when all their friends go riding an option for that is to get them the Thule Low Rider Bike Mount It's meant to bolt onto any flat surface. Mine is bolted onto the front edge of my pickup bed so my bikes ride upright and aren't sliding all over the back of the truck. Also without the front fork hanging over the tailgate it doesn't get all scratched up.

Garmin Edge For Mountain Biking

Garmin Edge GPS

If price is no object most mountain bikers I know would love to receive a Garmin Edge GPS enabled bike computer as a gift. These things do it all. They are just like that Garmin GPS on the dash of your car but bicycle computer sized but they do so much more for your cyclist. They tell them where to go on the trail and how to get back to the trailhead just like the one on your car. But they also keep all their data, and you know how much cyclists can be data junkies. What kind of data am I talking about? Well for instance how long their ride was. How fast did they do the same ride last week or year and how much climbing they have done over the last month or longer. This is the type of thing cyclist love to play with. They also keep track of your cadence and your heart rate with a heart rate monitor which is one of the new things in cycling training.

Bike Multi Tools

Bike Multi Tools

Bike multi tools are a really nice gift for your a mountain biker because most of them weigh very little and pack so many useful tools that are the right size for most trail side bike repairs into a very small package. They can literally save your day or at least get you back to your car or truck without having to walk too far. This makes a really nice gift for someone who doesn't have this type of thing because it's not a matter of if something will eventually break on the trail it's more like when will it happen to you.

Other Good Mtn. Bike Gift Ideas

Many high school and colleges now have Mountain Bike teams that compete with other schools and I loved it when I got a gift of a Mountain Biking jersey from my Alma Mater. So you could check and see if their high school or college has a team and you could purchase a jersey for them. Another way to get your mountain biker what they would like for a gift is to talk to people. You know that guy or girl who is always at your house borrowing tools and chain lube for their bikes and every weekend he/she takes your husband or wife away for several hours for a bike ride they can be a wealth of knowledge. Talk to them about a gift idea for the cyclist in your life they will know what the person likes, wants, needs and also where to go buy it if it's a specialty product and maybe how to get a good deal if it's something very expensive.


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    • JustMike profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hey thank you for your comment I will work on this I appreciate the feedback. It helps more than someone just clicking away.

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 

      6 years ago from Nottingham UK

      To be honest most mountain bikers will already have a set of clipless pedals so giving them as a christmas gift might be a little redundant. There are lots of things you could have put in this hub- so many potential things you've left out that would add better quality and content to the hub.

      Garmins are great however they are very expensive and this may take them out of the terrory of being a christmas gift unless someone has alot to spend.


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