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Proud Papa Brags a Little

Updated on October 28, 2009

It was the last baseball game of the season for our 15 year old grandson. This was a continuation of a game halted due to weather so there were only 5 innings left to play.

He was the pitcher and was throwing very well, giving up only a couple of hits. But because of errors, his team was down by 2 runs going into the last inning. The visiting team was retired in order in the top half of the last inning. So here is the drama: bottom of the last inning, the last game of the season, and perhaps the last game together for this team which had formed in grade school. Our grandson’s team had the first three players get on base. The runner at third was thrown out trying to steal home. This left two runners on board.

Our grandson almost never failed to reach base during the entire season. He had been in a little hitting slump as he came up to bat. He fouled off the first pitch and the next pitch was way outside. We were afraid he would be chasing bad pitches in all of his anxiousness. The next pitch came right down the middle and he swung hard. The crack of the bat told us that it was a solid hit. The ball sailed straight towards left field and cleared the fence at the 250 foot mark by a good 8 feet. He ran around the bases leaping in the air every other step. He was greeted at home by the entire team and the crowd of parents and grandparents were celebrating wildly.

One mother who knows us quite well said: "I know you will be telling this story to people that don’t even know us." She was right. And that's the end of a great moment.


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    • QualityS profile image

      QualityS 8 years ago from Prairie Village Kansas

      You will now be reading about his football abilities. Thanks for your comment.

    • The Rope profile image

      The Rope 8 years ago from SE US

      Proud Grandpa! You will have this precious memory for a long time - hopefully by putting this down for prosperity in HubPages, your grandson will realize the implications as well. CONGRATULATIONS Gramps - you've helped to foster a solid kid in today's topsy turvy world - a great feat all round!