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Greco Surfboards For Sale

Updated on July 18, 2011

Greco surfboards are all about innovation; they're about taking what once was, elaborating it, and making something new - something better. And this, if anything, makes Greco surfboards, Greco soft-boards, and Greco long boards some of the most popular surfing gear on the planet. They're cheap, very affordable, surfboards that have a reputation of maintaining high quality while focusing on innovation.

Surfing isn't an easy sport, that much is certain. It's a dangerous, high risk, sport, that offers adrenaline fueled rides that can end in either fist pumps, or in injury; the reward is high, and so is the risk. With Greco Surfboards you'll be riding a board that has been designed to increase saftey; or, perhaps a better way to put it, Greco surfboards are made to make sure you have more incredible surfing experiences, compared to ones that leave you afraid of the water.

What's the best Greco surfboard for sale? Where can one buy Greco surfboards online? Those are the two important questions you should be asking yourself; because, well, they are the questions I have the answers to.

The best Greco surfboard? That's up to you; it depends on what you want.

Where can one buy Greco surfboards online?

Right here.


Greco Soft Top Foamboards

One of the more popular types of Greco surfboards is the Greco soft top surfboard - also known as the Fish surfboard by Greco surfboards.  This board comes in an array of colors, from red all the way to yellow and black.   One of the biggest selling point of this Greco surfboard for sale is that nothing on the surfboard is glued together (something that was, and still is, a staple of many surfboards) but instead is put together by a new heating system; this makes the surfboard much more durable and much more secure. 

The core of this Greco surfboard is EPS, one of the best cores out there, a little heavier than a Tuflite board, but also a little sleeker and easier to control. 

Greco Soft top foamboards surfboards are popular because of what is called a wide thick fish.  This allows surfers to easily climb on and off, as well as maneuverer with ease; the likely-hood of you crashing and injuring yourself is much less likely with Greco surfboards. 

Greco Longboard Surfboards

This is one of the best longboards on the market, as well as one of the best Greco surfboards to buy online.  Around 7 feet long and made entirely of fiberglass, this is a very light surfboard that is ideal for tackling big waves and rough waters.  The look is sleek and clean, with choices between blue and white; in the middle is a slick Greco logo that looks very classy. 

The other features show how good a Greco board this is:

  • Made out of high density Australian EPS Foam
  • 3 FCS Fins Thruster Set Up
  • Warranty
  • Long enough, and sturdy enough, for any age and any skill level. 
  • Cheap fiberglass surfboards. 

New Greco 8 Foot Longboard

The newest Greco surfboard to come into the market is the new 8 foot longboard. The first thing you'll notice about this surfboard is how good it looks; it looks similar to the old Greco longboards (see above) except with much darker - as well much more starker - colors. It's a bolder - and better -overall look.

What's different about this 8 foot Greco surfboard for sale?

It has the highest density foam of any surfboard in the entire world, making it one of the most durable softboards on the entire planet. By being 8 foot long it is a very accesible board for both beginners and advanced surfers. Beginners will find the length very accomaditing in falls and crashes, while advanced surfers will like the challenge of trying to pull off tricks on such a long board.

Add in the fact that it is made with an EPS core, comes in black, white and blue,and has 3 fiberglass strings, makes it one of the best Greco surfboards.



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