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Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club Race 8-10-06

Updated on August 11, 2006

Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club Race #2 August Series 8-9-06

Wind NNE 23 Knots


1. Brandilee X-402

2. Going for a Sail Beneteau 331

3. Fugue State J24


1. Das Boot Express 27

2. Gypsy S2 9.1

3. Lorax Express 27


1. Zao Catalina 320

2. Business Catalina 27

3. Escape Catalina 27


1. Spirit O'76 Catalina 22

After the stiff breeze last week, nearly everybody reefed and used smaller jibs last night. We hit 9-10 knots several times on the reach. It was the best sail of the year! Apologies to the boats of which I didn't get a picture. I get more pictures of the boats in the PHRF class before their start and in the JAM A class in which I sail. Also, I was busier than usual last night.


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    Going for a Sale, Beneteau 331, 2nd PHRF and Lady Luck, T10

    Lady Luck maneuvering before the start

    Business Catilina 27 2nd JAM B tacking on the start line

    Pinnacle, J105

    Brandilee, X-402 1st PHRF

    Pinnacle. J-105

    Escape before start 3rd JAM B

    Lady Luck and Brandilee

    Business, Catalina 27, 2nd JAM B

    Cabernet S2 7.9


    Blind Luck B25

    Blind Luck B25

    Just about everybody reefed down for the 20 knot breeze

    Lady Luck, Tartan 10

    Brandilee 1st PHRF


    Gypsy, S2 9.1, 2nd JAM A

    Gypsy, S2 9.1


    Gallivant, Hunter 34

    Brandilee running the line before start

    Bow Man, Gypsy

    PHRF start

    Fugue State J24 3rd PHRF

    Growl Tiger

    Brandilee, X 402

    Bow man, Gypsy

    Race Committe

    Gypsy being passed on first reach by Lorax

    Zao, Catalina 320, 1st, JAM B

    Sand Box Cal 3-30

    Zao at finish. 1st JAM B

    Zao & Blind Luck

    Zao and Blind Luck

    Zao 1st JAM B

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