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The Last Minute Ins and Outs of AAA's Guerra de Titanes

Updated on January 21, 2016

Remember when I previewed CMLL’s Friday show just yesterday? Well after I was done, it came to my attention that there was another pretty big wrestling show happening this weekend. No, I’m not talking about the one that features Roman Reigns winning followed by thunderous boos (just kidding. Or am I?) or the one where THE JUICE RETURNS TO ARENA MEXICO (so hyped right now!); I’m talking about AAA Guerra de Titanes show! Yes, the AAA end of the year show that was postponed back in December is finally happening tomorrow, and though it’s (unfortunately) not being shown live on iPPV, TV or anything, it looks to be a fun little show compared to what was originally planned. And hey, when there’s a lucha show, there should be a preview done by yours truly. So hit pause on that awesome Vampiro/Colt Cabana podcast and take those chicken fingers out of the oven; it’s lucha time. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Relevos Trios de Locura match

Dinastia, Nino Hamburguesa and Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Gran Apache, Mamba and Mini Charly Manson

What to Expect: Ladies, gentlemen, T.O. (who is reading this just to insult me right now), I give you the time honored comedy match that opens a big AAA event. It won’t be good, it won’t be bad, and you’ll have a few laughs along the way. I will say that I am looking forward to a) seeing Pimpinela again (always a joy to watch), b) watching Gran Apache, who has trained a great deal of the guys you see in AAA today, actually wrestle and c) Mini Charly Manson. Has anyone told him that large Charly Manson has abandoned him? These are the things that I think about.

Winners: Team Pimpinela. That’s all there is to say. NEXT!

Lumberjack Strap match

Faby Apache, Goya Kong and Maravilla vs. Lady Shani, Sexy Star and Taya

What to Expect: I’ll be honest; I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. My guess is that there will be lumberjacks outside the ring who have straps, but don’t quote me on that for sure. Honestly, I don’t care; Taya, Faby Apache and Sexy Star are in this match, which means I’ll be watching it. Give those three a lot of ring time with each other, let Goya Kong have a few moments and this will be a pretty good time. Just please AAA, don’t let the gimmick stipulation interfere too much. I don’t ask for a whole lot here!

Winners: I hate picking against both Taya and Sexy here, but the fact is that Taya does need a new challenger for her Reina de Reinas gold soon and this match is a good opportunity to star that. Thus, I’ll say Goya Kong gets the pin on Taya, setting up a future one on one match between the two. Excuse me while I go do the dance of shame for picking against my two favorites.

Six Man “Lucha Libre rules” Tag Team Match

Jack Evans, Australian Suicide and Luchador Sorpresa vs. Daga, Parka Negra and Super Fly

What to Expect: It’s that damn Lucahdor Sopresa again! I swear that dude and his sister Luchadora Sopresa always seem to make a comeback just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them for good. Vacant is jealous of how many appearances they make.

Not sure if Vacant or Luchador Sopresa
Not sure if Vacant or Luchador Sopresa

All jokes aside, this bout should be pretty fun, regardless of who the surprise luchador is (well, unless it’s Villano III, but there’s a better chance of me being the surprise guy than him). For one, it’s being listed as a “Lucha Libre rules” match, which means two out of three falls, which means double the action! Second, look at the talent we’ve got here. We all love Jack Evans and what he brings to the table. Super Fly, when he’s not ruining everything, has his moments too. Most importantly is that this match as the big hook of a pretty solid Daga-Australian Suicide feud which should continue to get even hotter coming out of this bout. These two may not be known on a wide level yet, but Suicide is perhaps the most underrated high flyer in wrestling right now (the twists he’s able to do in the air are Ben-Hur levels of epic) and Daga is the type of talent that quietly sneaks up on you and reminds you just how good he can be. Overall, should be an entertaining contest, and perhaps even the best match of the night.

Winners: Going with the rudos here. Best I can remember Australian Suicide has gotten the better of Daga on numerous occasions, which means the poor bastard is due to get some payback from the Perros del Mal member. I say via shenanigans (maybe the dreaded mask pull while the ref is turned) in the third fall leads to Daga and his pals walking off with the win. I’m fine with this; more Suicide vs. Daga for all!

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match for the AAA World Tag Team Championship

Aerostar and Fenix vs. Mascara Ano 2000 and Villano IV vs. Los Hells Brothers

What to Expect: I know what you’re thinking; why are they having a three way match to determine the next challengers for the tag titles? Aren’t Pentagon Jr. and Joe Lider still the next in line? Well with Angelico recovering from an injury (because we’re not allowed to have nice things), AAA decided to hold this match in the meantime, while Pentagon and Lider…sit in the back and watch like the rest of us. My guess is they’ll probably be facing the winner of this match at Rey de Reyes (Angelico will be in Europe then, so a title defense is a no go), which works just fine in the long run. As for this match, it’ll be fine. I’m not huge on the Hells Brothers and anything that involves a Villano past the year 2002 feels me to the brim with a feeling of horror. But anyone that knows me knows I’m always going to be glued to the screen when Aerostar is on, and him combined with Fenix (and the great tag team chemistry between the two) should make this entertaining. Well, that and about four or five awe inspiring dives.

Winners: I’m going off the belief that the winner here will face Pentagon and Lider at Rey de Reyes, which pretty much rules out Hells Brothers and Mascara/Villano. Thus, happily, Aerostar and Fenix will win this match, all will rejoice, and then even more will rejoice at the prospect of them taking on Pentagon and Lider in March. The lesson as always; anytime you can put the best high flyer in lucha and one of the ten best high flyers in lucha against the most popular star in lucha not named Rey Mysterio or Atlantis, you have to do it. Gordon Gekko would tell you that’s money.

AAA World Trios Championship Match

Electroshock, Garza Jr. and La Parka vs. Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria and El Zorro vs. El Hijo del Pirata Morgan, El Hijo del Fantasma and Taurus

What to Expect: And here is where Vacant comes in! I knew he wouldn’t let Luchador Sopresa steal the spotlight. Unfortunately for Vacant, his reign as Trios Champions (started by Cibernetico’s jump to CMLL which left Los Hells Brothers at only two dudes) will come to an end here in a match with many interesting teams. We’ve got the Electroshock, Garza Jr., Parka team that’s pretty much a glorified legends squad and one young dude, Dark Cuervo’s team which is, well, dark and the final team which has two excellent talents and El Hijo del Pirata Morgan (who in fairness isn’t bad, but he’s no Fantasma or Taurus). What does this all mean? No freakin clue. At least the unpredictability, and Fantasma being Fantasma, should lead to some entertainment.

Winner: I predicted a few days ago that 2016 would be a big year for Fantasma and his deer antler loving alter ego up in Lucha Underground. Why not kick it off here with another championship to add to his World Cruiserweight Championship? It’s kind of a shot in the dark here, but with the legends/Garza Jr. team feeling somewhat thrown together and the Cuervo/Scoria/Zorro team not really on the same level as the other two, it just feels like this will be Morgan, Fantasma and Taurus’ night. Somewhere, the entire Lucha Kliq just got really excited because Taurus is a legend of sorts to them. The second lesson as always; people dig dudes dressed in bull costumes. It’s the truth.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Psycho Clown vs. El Mesias and Texano Jr.

What to Expect: The main event of the evening and a bout with big implications; you know, aside from it being the return of one of the legendary luchadors in Dr. Wagner Jr. For those of you unaware, the winning team of this match here will face EACH OTHER at Rey de Reyes for the vacant AAA Mega Championship. There’s stakes, there’s high stakes and then there’s these stakes which are somewhere between what was on the line in Dodgeball and the season five finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (alright, maybe not that high. The world was ending after all).

So yes, we’re pretty much looking at a huge bout here with major implications. Frankly, I think it helps the match greatly, and the match was already fine on paper anyway. Texano Jr. is obviously a top notch talent, and one needs to only look at the run of Immortan Mil Muertes in Lucha Underground to know what he’s capable of. Meanwhile, Dr. Wagner Jr. (even at an older age) is still a fine in ring performer, and I think the addition of Psycho Clown, a popular name who has deserved a potential shot at being champ for awhile now, gives the crowd someone to cheer for here. Combine that with possible dissention between the two sides (Psycho has already teased him and Wagner not getting along) and you have at worst an intriguing contest that opens up a whole lot of possibilities. In a way, I think this match is a better idea than the Mysterio-Mundo match that was planned last month. While that may have had the star power, there were only so many possibilities that could come from that. Here, we have several possibilities, a big name and Wagner, two guys who would be solid champions and one relative newcomer to the title scene that could give the Mega Championship the shot in the arm it needs.

Winners: I’m going Wagner and Psycho Clown here. Again, both Texano and Mesias would be great options, but they’re also both rudos currently and I find it hard to believe AAA would want to sell Rey de Reyes on an all rudo title match. With Wagner and Psycho Clown, you have a guy in Wagner who is sort of tweener and a full blown technico in Psycho, plus the teased dissention between the two already. Thus, I think you see that team win and a full blown rudo turn by Wagner post match setting up the big Mega Championship match for Rey de Reyes. What happens then? Is it too early to share my theories…?

And that’s the sign that the tank is full! I am truly out for the evening, but I shall return tomorrow with another Lucha Tribute and maybe even my Lucha Underground Survival Guide. You’ll just have to see. Till next time, how about some more Sculder and Mully? Dammit, I got their names mixed up again!

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What match at Guerra de Titanes are you most looking forward to?

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