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Safety Tips for Carrying and Owning Guns

Updated on December 24, 2017

Gun Safety - Importance and Understanding

Guns have always been a controversial issue due to the fact that they can be used to intentionally or accidentally kill people or animals. Knowing how to use a gun safely is very important if you will be going target shooting or hunting. Many people have guns in their home for their own protection as well but they should be kept out of the reach of children. Guns should always be placed under lock and key but too many people don’t do it as they want to be able to access it quickly should they feel threatened. There are new alternatives in the market that make handguns virtually impossible for a child to shoot now, to address those with that concern please look for these alternatives.

Gun safety doesn’t just pertain to those that use real bullets though. Airsoft guns, pellet guns, and paintball guns can all be dangerous as well. A person should always assume any gun is loaded and therefore a danger. It should never be pointed at someone else and it should never be played with. Anyone that will be carrying a gun should take a course in safety first. There is much more to it than just carrying the gun a certain way.

Accidents have been known to happen when people aren’t being as safe as they should with guns. Education is a large part of helping to reduce the number of such events that take place. Many children learn from their fathers and grandfathers to use a gun and safety should always be an important part of that learning process.

Most manufacturers of guns also do their part to ensure they are safe. They have advanced mechanisms to help prevent accidental firing and jamming. This is why the triggers on many models of guns require plenty of force to initiate them. They also offer locks for parents to place on their guns so that children can’t access them.

Anyone that is around guns or owns guns needs to make sure they are never careless. It only takes one false move to result in serious injuries and even death. Many people that leave guns out in the open are also being held liable when children access them and accidents occur. With more gun makers partnering with retailers and consumers to offer information on gun safety the number of incidents involving them is likely to continue dwindling.

Airsoft Gun Safety - Some extra tips

Airsoft guns seem to be a very common item that young kids have these days. They can spend hours chasing each other around in open fields shooting the pellets or aiming at targets. This is a good practice on how to hold a gun and how to shoot one for those that will eventually use a one with real bullets for hunting or target practice. Yet you do need to follow some very simply safety rules in order to prevent accidents with air soft guns.

You should never aim them at each other especially at close range. They can be painful and if they hit the face they may cause injuries to the eyes. It is a good idea to always use a pair of goggles while you are using an airsoft gun. It has become common for kids to play a game similar to paintball with airsoft guns. If you decide to do this you need to have on protective clothing so that you won’t get welts or other injuries from the projectiles from the gun.

The triggers on most airsoft guns are very easily activated. Therefore you want to refrain from filling the gun up with ammunition until you are ready to fire it. If you have left over ammunition in the airsoft gun you need to make sure you keep your finger away from the trigger. It is a best practice though to either shoot all the rounds you have or to empty the gun before you put it away.

Children should never use an airsoft gun to point at animals either. In many areas this can be cause for the local law enforcement to be called in. There has been a connection between children that harm animals and adult killers so this type of event isn’t going to be one they let go. Even if the child was just messing around to aim at birds or stray cats it isn’t acceptable.

Airsoft guns should never be used from moving vehicles or aimed at people in vehicles. It is important that they are easily identified as toys. You don’t want someone to think a real gun is being pointed at them and retaliate in their own self defense. Airsoft guns can be very fun if you are smart and safe about how you use them.

Gun Safety Rules

In order to help ensure people with guns and those around guns are safe, there are some guidelines and rules that need to be abided by at all times. It is important to learn these rules from the very start. Anyone that isn’t willing to follow them shouldn’t be anywhere that a gun is present as they are putting themselves and others at risk.

The number one gun safety rule is to always assume any gun is loaded. That means you don’t point it at anyone and you are very careful with it when you are cleaning the guns. Don’t assume that you have used all of the bullets in the chamber and even if you have checked you need to use the caution that there is still a bullet in there. While carrying a gun you need to be prepared for it to go off. You may trip or something and so it should be pointed downwards.

Many people have their finger on the trigger and ready before they need to be. As a result this can lead to shooting off bullets when you don’t want to. You can rest your finger in the area along the base of the trigger but you don’t want it to be resting right on the trigger until you are ready to take your shot.

Wearing the right safety equipment when you have a gun is important too. If you are hunting make sure you have on bright orange so you can be identified by other hunters. If you are target shooting make sure you have on goggles and ear plugs to protect your eyes and your ears.

Inspect guns on a regular basis and get repairs done as needed. If you have a gun that jams you should replace it. Never put any ammunition in your gun except what it is specified to work with. Doing so can result in serious accidents occurring.

Too many accidents occur annually due to people not following gun safety rules. No one expects that an accident involving a gun will happen to them but they do occur with some regularity. If you are always very careful and make safety a priority though you will significantly lower your risk of such an incident involving you or those you are around while using guns.

Gun Safety Courses

Operating a gun for any reason is serious and not something that you should do without the right type of training. There are plenty of qualified individuals out there that offer gun safety courses. In many states individuals are required to complete one and have verification before they can get a permit for a concealed weapon or apply for a hunting license. This is done to ensure they are able to do so with the best interests of everyone at hand.

Most gun safety courses are either free or very low cost. You may have to pay a bit for the materials and to cover the cost of the person offering the training. You want to attend a gun safety course that is relevant for what your gun needs are. You also want to go to one with very small classes so you can get the personal attention you need. Make sure all of your questions are answered before you leave the training program.

These gun safety courses may be for a full day or a full weekend. Some of them are on weeknights for a week weeks to try to accommodate the schedules of everyone. The age group may be for those ten and up as that is when a person can get a hunting license in most states. You may prefer to take a gun safety course that is all full of kids or all full of adults depending on your needs.

There are also online gun safety courses that a person can take if they don’t have one locally or one that fits into their schedule. There are plenty of places to check for local gun safety courses though. Ask the retailers in your area that sell guns as they will either be offering such training or know who is. If there is a rifle range in your area they should offer them as well.

There is a great deal of information to be learned at any effective gun safety course. Make sure the person teaching it is qualified to do so. There are many sports and hobbies out there that a person can enjoy with using a gun. It can also offer you the personal protection you are interested in. Yet knowing how to safely handle and operate a gun is a priority that everyone involved in these activities needs to know.

Nail Gun Safety - Yep this is also a Gun and should be treated as such.

Nail guns are tools that can be very handy for carpentry because they allow you to drive the nails into the materials very quickly. Most businesses use them instead of relying on the old fashioned hammer to drive in the nails. The results are work that is done faster and the nails are driven in straight time and time again. However, you need to make sure you understand the power of a nail gun before you attempt to use one. Accidents can occur with this type of tool that can be very serious or even deadly.

Always wear eye protection while using a nail gun. Since you will likely be kneeling over the area where you are using the nail gun, they need to fit very snuggly on your face. Even if you wear glasses you need to have some additional protection. This way it eliminates the risk of your glasses being broken and the pieces getting into your eyes or cutting up your face.

Make sure that the nail gun fits well into your hands. Some of them are very heavy duty and that means they are going to weigh a lot. You don’t want to be knocked off balance with one in your hand you can’t control. You will be better off buying a smaller sized nail gun and then having to refill it more often.

Keep your nail gun in good working condition. If it is jamming up with nails or it doesn’t’ seem to operate right you shouldn’t use it anymore. If you have to put more nails into it or fix a jam make sure you unplug it first. Some nail guns will still have pressure built up in them so make sure you release all of it before you work on the nail gun.

Since nail guns are so forceful, you are going to end up seriously injured if you get your body parts in the way. While it does hurt somewhat when you hit your finger instead of a nail with a hammer, it is nothing like a nail being driven in with such force. It can penetrate the bones or other parts of your body. Always make sure you know how to use a nail gun and it is a good idea to have someone else around too just in case you need some assistance.

Hope these tips are useful and maybe help some people avoid some accidents. Accidents are the Number one threat to the US second ammendment. So keep this in mind as you leave, having soaked in this knowledge about gun safety (hopefully before being a gun owner)as you go and keep your families safe and your neighbors too if they need the help.

© 2008 Stephen Gooch


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    • Predaking profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Gooch 

      10 years ago from Kansas

      Excellent comment Jack. It is so amazing how many people think guns kill people. when the truth is people kill people. We would do it with whatever we had guns or not, I think the Indian's proved that on this continent before we came. They had no clue what guns were but they sure did a lot of killing eachother.

    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 

      10 years ago from The Midwest

      Always remember that the true weapon is found between your ears if you're willing to do what is necessary to survive any encourter with those who wish to do you or yours harm. A tool is just a tool, whether it is a baseball bat or a gun [although guns do make really, really fine survival tools.]

    • OIFVETERAN profile image


      10 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks....that was on my government sanctioned vacation to Baghdad. Great for vacations of 14+ Months....hahaha.

    • Predaking profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Gooch 

      10 years ago from Kansas

      Yes sir, it appears you are in uniform I salute you and give you my deepest thanks from me and my family.  This piece was designed to show that their is a lot of practical safe ways to use guns,  and hopefully inform some people who might not know everything they need to.

    • OIFVETERAN profile image


      10 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Great stuff! Long live the 2nd amendment, through safe firearm use!


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