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Gyrocopter at the White House

Updated on September 9, 2019
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My major interests and career include piano tuning, aircraft piloting, and nature walking. My talented wife made the chain-linked armor.

Doug Hughes in his Gyrocopter July 2014
Doug Hughes in his Gyrocopter July 2014 | Source

Peaceful Gyrocopter at the White House

Douglas Hughes was a former postal worker and wanted to tell the world about how harmful special interest money is in politics. He felt so passionate that he decided to risk his life to get this story out. So he painted his gyrocopter with the Post Office logo and brought a letter he wrote of his concern right to the president’s home.

What he did was very dangerous and if the defense at the White House was prepared for such a small craft he would have been blown out of the sky as he approached. But lucky for him the defenses were not prepared and he landed safely on the White House Lawn where he surrendered peacefully.

It was also fortunate for the White House that their defenses were breached by someone peaceful. It could have been a terrorist with a big bomb that could have easily blown up the building.

There was one video showing the tiny helicopter flying over some tourists who were at the Capitol. As the gyrocopter flew over their heads one person announced solemnly, This can’t be good people!” And he would have been right if it was a terrorist at the controls.

Gyrocopter in the Sky


Gyrocopters, a Tiny Aircraft

The Gyrocopter has the advantage of being small and can fly really low under the radar. They are fun to fly but it is wise to get training before flying one so that you will stay safe. There is a reason why insurance companies won’t insure one.

These tiny aircraft don’t need a airstrip as they are like a helicopter that can lift off anywhere. Probably Douglas unloaded his craft a couple of miles from the White House and then could liftoff from there with ease and quickly fly to his destination before anyone had the chance to stop him.

Gyrocopters A Hot Topic

After Doug Hughes escapee, gyrocopters became a hot topic. Many want to have one of their own. They are easy to take off from a small space and don’t need a airstrip. You could keep one in your garage if you wanted and fly it from your yard. However there is a reason why getting insurance is hard for one of these. If you don’t know what you are doing you can end up crashing and getting killed.

Be sure to get the proper training before attempting to fly one. Also know the FAA rules so you don’t get into trouble or cause someone else to get hurt.

My sister has her pilot’s license and knows several friends who have property in more remote places so they can fly without any hassles. One friend had his own airstrip and was coming in for a landing in a small fixed wind aircraft. His airstrip was snow covered and had a hard snow pack on top. His landing broke the hard layer and the plane’s wheel became stuck under the hard crust. This caused his aircraft to flip over onto its back and there he was hanging there upside down. He wasn't hurt so crawled out and had to get some help turning his plane over. Just another day of flying.

Gyrocopters for Sale


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