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Gyrocopters for Everyone

Updated on November 4, 2012


Not everybody knows, that "gyrocopter", "gyroplane", "autogiro" and "autogyro" all mean the same thing. As other kinds of gliders, airplanes, helicopters and gyroplanes, gyrocopters use wings to fly. No aircraft but helicopters and autogyros have the wings mounted on pylons and spin in circles. Moreover, they get into the sky the same way: rapid move of the wing through the air produces both helicopter and gyrocopter lift. The rotating wings - rotors - of the gyroplane are free-spinning, meaning not driven by the engine (as by helicopters), because it needs very little forward speed to stay airborne.

The cardinal virtue of the gyroplane is that they do nearly everything a helicopter can do, but are less expensive and definitely safer than any other kind of flying machine. Even the most mundane gyroplanes are true STOL (Short Take-Off/Landing) vehicles, but they can be configured to take-off and land with no ground-roll at all. Even more - their exceptional STOL capabilities make them terrific for "bush" or water operations. Helicopters are vastly more mechanically complex than any other kind of aircraft and they have a lot of critically interdependent moving parts. That's why they cost several times as much to purchase and maintain as a same-sized gyroplane. Meanwhile, many gyroplanes cost less than some motorcycles, and because they fly in a constant state of autorotation, even a total engine failure results in a parachute-like descent, making them the safest of all aircraft.

A typical gyroplane can stay aloft at 5 to 10 knots airspeed, and even a small gyroplane (piloted by an experienced pilot) can be operated safely under high wind conditions that make gliders, ultra-lights, blimps, balloons, space launches and most private airplanes stay on the ground. Gyroplanes are capable of the same forward speeds as helicopters. This is so because of the rotating wings and their "wing-loading" ("wind loading" determines how many pounds of an aircraft total weight are supported by each square foot of its wings). Gyroplanes have very high wing-loading because their rotorblades have so little total area, using rotational speed rather than size to generate lift. So gyroplanes are really exceptional aircraft.

SportCopter 2 Flights

Gyroplanes are simple and cheap to own, fly, maintain, transport and store. They're easy to tow. They can use skis for snow take-off and landing. They can be equipped with amphibious floats for water operations, and although they could have sophisticated avionics, autopilots and de-icing gear. They're highly flexible and very practical. Because of technological advances used in 3rd - and 4th generation equipment like the Sport Copter series, they've become so flexible and practical that you're going to be seeing a lot more of them; many of them performing important commercial tasks perhaps even military tasks that have heretofore been the domain of airplanes and helicopters.

Sport Copter GyroPlane on Water

Even for aviation community, the gyroplane has been not very well known, despite the fact that it first appeared in 1923, and for a time it enjoyed a big popularity. But then the first successful helicopters emerged during the war years of the late 1930s. Helicopters could hover and the gyroplane couldn't, and airplanes could go much faster than either of them. So for decades an aviation industry left gyroplane development - still in its infancy - in a state of virtual suspended animation. And that's the way things stood until the late 1980s, when the elements of a renaissance in gyroplane development, popularity and sales finally became clearly evident.

Sport Copter, Inc. is only one small part of the admittedly brief yet engagingly interesting story of gyroplanes, but part of the satisfaction we derive from our work is the constant, exciting awareness that we're still the best part of that story, because we know we design and built the finest gyroplanes in the world.



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    • profile image

      Johne998 3 years ago

      Vigamox Without A Script in Columbus bdkdaggcakak

    • profile image

      kamal 6 years ago

      i can make any kind of gyrocopters and planes with no pilot(military) .and at mo i made a plan of a gyrocopter with two rotors not just one . two rotors are safer than one and stronger and it cant lift more .so it coulb be used for four persons .police can use it ,coast/border guarding......many ..if any company interested contact me

    • profile image

      james m metzler 6 years ago

      want to learn and buy gyrocopter

      need address and phone number to make contact

      my address is 21 Snyder Hill Road, Lititz Pa. 17543

      Phone 717 626 8417 leave message if no answer

    • profile image

      vaibhav 6 years ago

      i can built my own gyroplane but it will take more time as well as money but i don't know how to fly it.

    • profile image

      plemon1 6 years ago

      very impressive,I would love to learn to fly and own something like this.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      what is price of this thing

    • profile image

      andrew le 7 years ago

      I like to own one of two seats gyrocoper like that,could you let me know how much is it cost and how to learn flying it in Melbourne in Austrlia.My email is, thank you very much.

    • profile image

      carl a norris 7 years ago

      what is the price of the Sport Gyrocopter 2 seater enclosed cockpit preassembled for delivery. I am very

      interested. Would you please send me the price of the

      red one advertised on this site. My e-mail address is:

    • profile image

      Ernesto Dizon 7 years ago

      Very interested in this gyrocopter,how much does it cost to learn ,how to fly?and where, is the best location,I,m here in the Philippines;and I think,theres not even one school here,to train would-be gyrocopter pilots.if there is;give me the address of flying school here in the philippines.:Ernesto

    • profile image

      Juan Cruz 7 years ago

      I love it! I will like to own one. Can I get some information about buying an used one

    • profile image

      Milind 7 years ago

      I m from India I just Wat to have The Quatation of new Gyrocoptor.If Price meets my criteria I may Prefer second hand Also.

    • profile image

      ganeshkanna 7 years ago

      it's fentastic!!!

    • profile image

      lemcy cortez 7 years ago

      i would like to find out who can teach me how to fly. i do a lot of hunting and feel that i could fly to my camp and land in my field. i drive about 250 miles one way and feel this will be safer and a lot less travel time. can any one help? please e-mail me if anyone can help.



    • profile image

      Sam 8 years ago

      I'd like to build a 2-seater gyro-copter. Does anyone have any experience with kits? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      i412412412 8 years ago

      can u pls tell me how to bulid a own gyrocopter ..

      what size of hp[engine] can i use . what is the size of rotar[min & max ] much weight it can lift plz replyme .

      i m very intersted in buliding gyro

    • profile image

      Kevin 8 years ago

      Ha There.

      Were would i go to see and maybe buy one off these. It would be great for working uot off the city. Seeing how i live on a ranch to start with.

      Price plus distance per tank plus what you would need to have to fly one off these.

      Thanks all for youe time and kindness.


    • profile image

      theSchultz 8 years ago

      Gyros are a dream of mine. Since the FAA is now considering allowing gyros t be made to LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) standards, we should see an influx of them from Europe, as Europe has been already manufacturing them, usually under Ultralight rules. Their UL rules allow for a much heavier aircraft, similar to our Sport Rules.

    • profile image

      Aviation-and-Marine 9 years ago

      Neat stuff. Gyrocopters need more media attention.

    • profile image

      bill langford 9 years ago

      i have the same has always been my dream to fly,but not much of that around here in murray utah .i would love any information you could help me out with .thanks so much,

    • profile image

      Shawn Richards 9 years ago

      is there such thing as counter rotating Gyro copters?????

    • VladimirK profile image

      VladimirK 9 years ago

      Hi Charlie,

      thanks for your interest in my hub and activity. Nice you share my passion. I would be happy to get some pictures of your helicopter. You can send them in private using option Contact VladimirK

      It would be fine to cooperate with you.

      Best regards


    • profile image 9 years ago

      i am currently working on a new type of Helicoptor.It's gas over electric.The rotowing is turned from the wingtips by electric motors.I also use no tail rotor.vertical contrl surfaces control the axis.I would like to have you make some lightweight props.Maybe we can combine the best of the two types.Mine runs on a 5 hp generator.I have some pictures I will send if I get a reply from you.If nothing else I can pay for the parts I need made Hope to hear from you soon Thanx Charlie


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