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Updated on December 20, 2016


I am a Judo Champion. I have never lost a match in a Judo Competition. I don't do Judo anymore because it would do me no good at this stage in my life. After Judo I enjoyed fighting in MMORPG games and now I like fighting in even more sophisticated ways. I am still a fighter and my Grandpa told me on a near deathbed that if he is going to die, then he is going to die fighting! I respect that old man, even though he is long gone and his words still echo in my brain. I believe that Judo competitions are great for teenagers and those in their early twenties . I am a qualified Judoka simply because I know how to win and if you are a young Judoka preparing for a serious competition, then I have some tips for you. Not everyone has the same opinion about Judo Techniques but these are mine!

First of all I want to ask you if you are afraid of losing? If you are afraid, then I believe it is a good sign. When you enter the competition there will be crowds watching you and the adrenalin levels are almost unbearable. If you are too confident you could lose your head because competitions are different from Randori 乱取り

The meaning of Judo in Japanese means "Gentle Art" and to me the Art of Judo is the Art of Balance. You have to "feel" your competition even before you fight them. Let me tell you that I did not always win by 本 Ippon. Remember that all you want to do is to win! You must consciously want to win, so think about WINNING! Don't think about anything else! You are there to WIN and put your opponent to shame! You are there to FIGHT and FIGHTING should be on your mind! Don't start thinking about girls or school or anything that distracts you from your goal. If you girlfriend is not allowing you to practice enough then dump her and become single minded! Your goal is to WIN! Forget about girls- they are not important if you want to be a champion. If you want to work at getting someone to support you, then get your Dad to fill that role. He most likely wants you to win! After you win, all the girls will be chasing you and so you won't have to worry about getting back together with your ex-girlfriend. People will shout and you will be the new CHAMPION! People will honour you and some other guys will be jealous but don't think about them because they are not you and they actually would like to be you because YOU are going to be the next JUDO CHAMPION!!!! You are going to be a STAR!



You are going to meet your worst opponent eventually. He is going to be the guy that you feel you cannot beat. You know it and you fear him. My worst opponent was some guy who had an eagle on the back of his Judogi. I was so afraid that I went to talk with him before the match. He was quite surprised at that. He seemed proud but I remembered what my Judo Master taught me about his type. He is the type that is impossible to throw off balance no matter what you do and those minutes that you spend engaging each other, gripping each other's Gi and sweeping the Judo mats seems like hours. Don't lose your head! Remember this, that in Judo you can win by "superiority" and if you know that you cannot throw him and that he cannot throw you, then you have to do a song and dance for the Judo Panel who will decide your score. Make sure that you win "technically" with these sorts of men. It does not matter that you did not get to look spectacular. You can do the spectacular stuff on those who are easy to beat. Don't try it on these types. Just think about winning and nothing else.

OK- you know what the song and dance is don't you? You have to keep showing the judges that you are trying harder than he is. Keep trying to throw him without the intention of throwing him. He wants to throw you but he can't and maybe he is too proud to do a song and dance like you are doing. Keep it up because the higher the frequency of your attempts at throwing him, the more points you are getting in the judge's minds!

You know you can beat him, don't you? You are afraid of this guy with the Eagle on his back but don't let that distract you. He is most likely not going to use his brain and keep his head on.. so don't let that happen to you. Think about winning.. even winning by superiority will make you a champion and that is leaps and bounds away from being second place. Second place sucks so fight to win and remember to keep your head!

Good Luck in your next competition and "May the Force be with You!"


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    • profile image

      Andy Paul 4 years ago

      I've been practicing judo for almost 40 years now. I don't know why you think it will not do you good anymore. It's sad to know some judokas feel like this.

    • profile image

      Nic 5 years ago

      I win anyway but that is great advice!!!

    • profile image

      Phong 5 years ago

      This was very entertaining to read and useful at the same time.

    • profile image

      Aditya 5 years ago

      awesome.Thanks this will help a lot.thank you very much

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I do not do Judo, but your tips about self confidence can apply in a variety of situations, good hub earning you a vote-up and an awesome.