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Hachim Mastour - The next Cristiano Ronaldo?

Updated on November 30, 2012
Hachim Mastour - the next Cristiano Ronaldo?
Hachim Mastour - the next Cristiano Ronaldo? | Source

Hachim Mastour is one of the "hottest" talents in football at the moment. His club, AC Milan is looking for a chance to give youngster first experience in Serie A. Will young forward grow into another superstar of football? Or maybe he's just too overrated?

Hachim Mastour
Hachim Mastour | Source

Hachim Mastour

Born: 15/06/1997

Nationality: Morocco-Italian

Club: AC Milan

Position: Playmaker/Forward

Milan paid €500,000 for his transfer from Reggiana.

Many top clubs, like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester City and few other were trying to buy Mastour from Italian club Reggiana. Milan were ready to pay €500,000 for 14 years old football prodigy. Reggiana accepted this offer and in July 2012, Hachim Mastour became a part of Milan. He showed some really impressive skills and goals in youth squad matches. See the video below.

I think video tells you a lot about him. His skills and movement is far above all his peers. You can feel some lightness in his moves and that's a sign of master. He reminds me a Cristiano Ronaldo or maybe Ronaldinho. And that's not a surprise, because Mastour admitted that his idols are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Recently, there were a news that Milan is looking for an opportunity to give first experience for Mastour in Serie A. I think that's a right step, because one thing is to play against your peers, but simply other is playing against really experienced defenders. That's the experience that this young talent needs. It's always important for such talents to keep calm and not get overly confident. If he will keep his head in right place, I think we will see a new king of football in next 5-6 years. Messi and Ronaldo will get older at that time and there will be a time for a new king. Maybe Mastour will take place of these two.

Mastour is Moroccan-Italian, so he will have chance to choose between Morocco and Italy national teams. I think it's easy to predict, which one he will choose. If he will play for Italy, we could see a really bright pair of forwards in 2018 World Cup. Stephan El Sharaawy, Hachim Mastour... Well, at the moment, those are just a predictions and no one can tell, what will be the future of Mastour. I hope that he will grow into a star of European football. Let's hope that his character will be modest enough to handle all pressure which gonna surround him in following years.

Highlights of Hachim Mastour with youth squad of AC Milan


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    • Lorenzo27 profile image

      Lorenzo27 3 years ago from Pistoia, Italy

      Born in 1998, not 1997. ;) Very amazing guy!

    • profile image

      AymenE 4 years ago

      He needs to play for his real country where he was originated. Morocco could use him with taarabt and as saidi,

    • profile image

      Adam 4 years ago

      I'm impressed; he could go on to be incredible...

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      :) true

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      oh indeed! classic gambler heh

      Besides, linesmen can't read 9/10 offsides properly anyway

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      CCahill :)

      and on the tenth time he will receive a cross from the halfway line, touch it one time in the sky and put if over the keepers head going the opposite way

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      What technique and confidence at such a young age! Inzaghi will now teach him how to be offside 9/10 times ;)

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      I have seen this kid from a milan fan from italy before. One thing that is great is with inzaghi training the milan youth, his role is critical for milan's youth.

      When you look at Balotelli, El Shaarawy and Mastour, Italy's national squad 10 to 15 years from now is going to have many different shades of skin. When France won the world cup with their multiphenotypical squad, it took a while but England, holland, Germany, and now Italy seem to be following suit. I would love Russia to do likewise, they have a very multifaceted populace but the national team doesn't mirror that.