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Golf Vacations | Hainan Taidah

Updated on January 15, 2013

Hainan Taidah Golf Club is Close to Haikou Airport

The front nine holes of this golf course have a flat terrain, whereas there is an undulating terrain on the back nine. There is a club house, driving range, swimming pool, basketball court, pro shop, coffee shop, fishing pond, villas and hotel. The course area is around 110 hectares (more than 1600 Mu), with perennial green grass and is lined with coconut palms. With an average temperature of 27 degrees and a mild winter, it has beautiful sunshine, is cool in summer with a comfortable sea breeze and you can play golf any day of the year in this tranquil green paradise.

Lens Updated: June 13th, 2012 @ 4:000 am Beijing time.

Hainan Taidah Golf Club Course Description!

The first golf club created in Hainan was the Taidah Golf Club. Located 22 kilometres from Haikou City and only 5 kilometres from MeiLan International Airport , it is within easy reach of the visiting player. The course was initially constructed in 1989 and opened to the public in 1992.

The fairways are typically long distance, with very tricky tree hazards lining them. The large coconut palms with dense foliage will challenge every player. Losing one or two strokes here is common. You need to be strong willed and skilful in order to prosper on this course. It consists of eighteen, international standard holes, with a total length of 7220 yards and a course par of 72.

The reason a pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing ~ Phyllis Diller

Google Maps

A markerHainan TaiDa Golf Club, 223 National Rd, Qiongshan, Haikou -
Hainan TaiDa Golf Club, 223 National Rd, Qiongshan, Haikou
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Hainan Tai Dah Golf Club Course Details!

Address: Haiyu East Line 22KM

Yunlong Town

Haikou City

Hainan Province, 571137

Telephone: +86 898 6572 1551

Facsimile: +86 898 6572 2296



No of Holes: 18-hole international standard course

Course Length: 7220 yards

Par For Course: 72

Advance booking recommended for visitors: Phone 139 76791650

Hainan Taidah Golf Club Fees and Charges!

Green Fees (Weekdays)

Green Fees (Weekends/Holidays)

50 RMB (Private Member)

50 RMB (Private Member)

200 RMB (Corporate Member)

240 RMB (Corporate Member)

600 RMB (Member Guest)

700 RMB (Member Guest)

200 RMB (Non-Player Admission Fee)

200 RMB (Non-Player Admission Fee)

Golf Cart Rental - Grass Fairways

Golf Cart Rental - Hard Fairways

150 RMB (9 holes)

100 RMB (9 holes)

300 RMB (18 holes)

200 RMB (18 holes)

400 RMB (27 holes)

300 RMB (27 holes)

500 RMB (36 holes)

500 RMB (36 holes)

Club Rental (Steel Shaft)

100 RMB/person

Club Rental (Carbon Fibre Shaft)

150 RMB/person

Shoe Rental

50 RMB/person

Umbrella Rental

15 RMB/person

Locker Rental

10 RMB/person

Caddie Fee (9 holes)

100 RMB/person

Caddie Fee (18 holes)

120 RMB/person

Caddie Fee (27 holes)

200 RMB/person

Caddie Fee (36 holes)

240 RMB/person

Service Fee

10 RMB/person

Insurance Fee

5 RMB/person

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