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Happy That the Dwightmare Drama is Almost Over

Updated on July 5, 2012

Dwight the GM

Let Another Team Deal With King Waffle

Ok, I am sure that most NBA fans are extremely tired of the Dwightmare Drama. There is no way he is still a member of the Orlando Tragic by training camp. It should end now or in the very near future. No coach in his right mind would come here until Dwight Howard is shipped away to the highest bidding team. Screw what Dwight wants! He was paid over $20 million a year by the Magic and this is how he repays them!

I was still supporting Dwight up until Stan Van Gundy exposed his lies. Good for Stan! I will always respect someone who stands for principles the way Stan did that day! Stan will be sorely missed and I wish him and his family all the best. That day exemplifies how immature Dwight Howard really is. It was the most awkward press conference I have ever seen in any sport. Dwight told Stan that "they were good" right after Stan told the media about Dwight asking for him to be fired. The millions upon millions in income was not enough. The whole city of Orlando and surrounding areas begging him to stay were just an afterthought to him.

Dwight always talked about not getting a championship in Orlando as a reason for leaving. Well, he certainly wasn't going to win one at his preferred destination of Brooklyn. Now that they signed Joe Johnson and resigned Deron Williams, will there be enough money left under the salary cap for Dwight. Sure there's a luxury tax penalty the Nets could afford. But, don't forget the state income tax in New York where Florida has none. That's alot of money Dwight Howard saves by staying in Florida. I am sure he and his agent have discussed all that and Dwight still thinks he sees a brighter future elsewhere.

Well, I say SO BE IT! Sionora! Que sera sera! Arivederche! Hasta Luega! Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

The new GM Rob Hennigan stressed that only the players who want to be here will be players on this team this year. Good for him. I like him so far, but he has a ton of decisions to make in a short amount of time. Let's talk again in a few months to see if I like what he has done. I wouldn't want his job right now. Been on the job only about a week, but so far, so good. He is waiting for the best deal to materialize. Some team will have to give up their "Superstar" to get Orlando's "Superman".

On local Orlando radio the other day, there was some very interesting chatter. Unnamed player sources stated they felt that Dwight was capable of "faking" back pain so he wouldn't have to play if still with the Magic this upcoming season. I hope this is not true. But the whole Dwight staying in L.A. for his recovery thing seemed really suspect to me. Why is he still there now instead of fulfilling his obligation to his basketball camp in Orlando that he does every year?

This is woefully worse than the Shaq ordeal so far. The on-again, off-again deception and indecision have hurt the fans and the Magic organization beyond repair. The only saving face and grace is getting something in return for King Waffle. Sure, no trade will match up in value for the NBA's 3 time defensive MVP. However, getting something in return is much better than just letting him walk away like Shaq did.


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    • Rob GQ profile image

      Rob GQ 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks so much! I'm very passionate about my local teams. I have to find humor because staying mad is too stressful.

    • sethpowers profile image

      sethpowers 5 years ago from Virginia

      Your use of puns is phenomenal.