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Top 3 players in the nba 2015-16 season

Updated on January 19, 2016



Kevin Durant

He is arguably the best score the nba has seen ever , has a long way to go to prove it , though. Kevin Durant is so gifted that with that size and length he's able to manage those skills he possesses , at 6'10 the guy can pull up from everywhere ,he is also a great finisher at the rim and handle the ball as well as a guard , when he is on the open floor is almost impossible to stop because he is so fast for his size and can jump pretty high , having said that the dude is able to run the point guard position when westbrook is out , and it doesn't seem like it bothers him a bit . there are few things you can ask for , that durant can't do .

Now last but not the least , he is a four time scoring champion and got one mvp under his belt ,durant just has to win a tittle , i guess that's the only things he's missing , because he can do it all on the basketball court .

This season he averages : 26.5 ppg , 7.7 rpg , 4.4 apg , 1 spg , 1.2 bpg along with his effective 51.3 fg % , 40.3 3pt % , 89.7 ft % .



Lebron James

The King is one of the most dominant players perhaps in the history of the nba for his incredible athleticism along with his size , strength , power , speed , versatility and basketbal IQ . He's the only player that can change the image of a franchise as he did so when signed with the heat and guided them to the finals for four years in a row winning 2 of them , and then opted out of his contract and returned to his hometown cleveland and of course he led the cavaliers to the finals too ,came off short , though.The point is that lebron brings so much attention to others for his greatness , he can play 4 positions pretty well from 1 through 4 , he's a freak of nature , james is able to score on anybody easily , he can rebound , he can pass , he is a good defender .

He is a four time nba mvp , one time scoring champion , two times nba champion and finals mvp along with two gold medals . The king just has to be more agressive when needed that's the only thing he's missing to be better . Maybe that's why some people hate him because everybody says that he's the best and he doesn't prove it when it matter most , he has done it a few times but not enough . he should have had 3 rings instead of two.

Lebron's numbers this season : 25.3 ppg , 7.3 rpg , 6 apg , 1.4 spg . His percentages are at : 50.1 fg % , 29.4 3pt % ( worst since rookie year ) 72 ft % .

# 1


Steph Curry

This dude is the most entertaining player in the league , his ability to handle the ball is amazing he can make you dance even if you don't want to , nobody can guard him one on one . The man is able to score from every part of the court , any shot you think off curry can put it through the hole , it doesn't matter if is a layup , dunk , mid-range , 3 pointer steph is lethal , he is also a very good passer with the control he has when does the behind the back and left hand passes off the dribble finding the right guy at the right time .

On the other hand , he's improved a lot on the defensive end , not saying that he is a lock down defender but he's not an easy target anymore .

Take a look on curry's numbers this season :30 ppg ,5.3 rpg ,6.4 apg , 2.1 spg . And he's also in the 50-40-90 club with - 51 fg % ,45.1 3pt % ,90.5 ft % .

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