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Have you seen Skate Balm?

Updated on August 19, 2015

A little intro...

This hub page is aimed towards the skateboarders out there as well as the skate shops that are looking for something extra to add to their stock range.

Skate Balm is a great, handy accessory for all skaters out there and this page was created to spread some awareness of this cool little product.

Looks great and smells great!

4 scents, with more to come

OK - So skate wax is not something you invest a lot of money in. It's normally an after-thought. A skate enthusiast in California has come up with a great invention for skaters who want to avoid the nasty mess that carrying skate wax can cause.

Skate Balm looks like a very well-known glue stick, but when you use it, you'll be doing anything but sticking!

Convenient little tubes!

Spread the word...

As Skate Balm is imported from the US, it's not yet very well known here in the UK.

…so spread the word and get #skatebalm trending on every social media channel you know.

Spec info:

  • Skate wax in a glue stick style container
  • Get great slide on coping, rails, curbs and anything else you want to grind
  • No wastage and easy-to-use
  • No-hassle
  • No gross fluff getting stuck on the wax
  • No wax residue getting stuck in your pockets
  • Made with hemp, in California
  • Choose from 4 lush scents; Cinnamon Donut, Watermelon, Apple and Lemon.

4 Scents


Here's a little video made by Skate Balm

Feel free to comment or ask a question here

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