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Supplements in Sports Do they Work?

Updated on May 8, 2016

Supplements in Sports.

I have always been a great advocate of Health and Fitness since an early age. At 11years old I began amateur boxing, and divided my activities boxing throughout the winter months, and showjumping during the summer months and this kept me fit. During my primary school years, I was a keen football/soccer player, that carried through to my first couple of years in secondary/high school. Then I stopped the football/soccer and concentrated on the boxing and showjumping. It was when I was 16years old that I first began touching the weights. It was hard to find opponents for me in the boxing, I was too tall and skinny so I began adding weight. However, I never thought that I would become “hooked” on weight training, and move into Bodybuilding. The more muscle I gained the bigger I wanted to get, and people giving positive comments didn’t help the issue. As I grew my body needed more fuel that meant eating more, but the day wasn't long enough in order to cook the food and eat it. That is where supplements come in, they fill the gaps when time is short, making sure the body gets the fuel required to grow.

Choosing The Right Supplements.

With this kind of training regime supplements have become paramount, people will spend a small fortune on them. Just as I did when I was younger, we all want every possible advantage. These days if you get good quality supplements they will work. There are so many different brands and variation of supplements it is truly mind boggling, especially for a beginner who is starting out in weight training and fitness. The quality of supplements these days are far better than what they were in the mid to late 1980's, and throughout the 1990's. These days if you do a proper and thorough research you can get supplements that work, you will feel the difference when working out with, or without. There should be no excuse for anyone to take any illegal substance to grow. You can, and you will grow by using good quality supplements, unless you are planning on competing at top level. The variety of "muscle building" products on offer is immense, from pure whey protein, to mixed protein shakes. Let's start with whey protein, it is the purest form of protein you can get, a lot of people would probably disagree. However, I have used a wide range of different protein shakes, and pure whey protein is one of the best in my opinion. Whey protein is ideal to take first thing in the morning, as it is the easiest form of protein to digest. It's also ideal to take before and during your workout due to it being so easy to digest and it goes quickly to the muscles for growth, and it never gives you that bloated feeling. Taken in the right amounts, at regular intervals throughout the day, and taken in conjunction with other supplements over time you will see growth. I have been using whey protein and it has worked for me over the years. As for picking which brand that is a personnal choice of the individual. Take into account how much you want to spend, and how often you train and what is your end goal. A protein shake that is mixed, meaning it contains branch chained amino acids, some complex carbohydrates with iron and vitamins are good. However, I think these are better taken in individual doses, as the body will absorb them better. Staying with protein, amino acids should be taken to break the protein up in the body and feeding the muscle efficiently. A good sign of the quality of amino acids when purchasing is to look at the ingredients. If it contains the following you will not go far wrong, the amino acid profile, L-Alanine, L-Arginine, L-Aspartic, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamine Acid, L-Glycine. With all these ingredients you should be in good stead. You can also take a good branch chained amino acids in tablet form, if your protein supplement doesn't have a high enough dose of protein needed.

Getting The Most Out of Every Meal.

Once your proteins are sorted you then need to think about vitamins and minerals, a good quality multi vitamin is needed. Multi vitamins will have a high enough dose to supplement what is lacking in powders and keeps you healthy,by strengthening your immune system. For when you are training hard your immune system becomes weakened and requires strengthening to avoid illness.The next supplement is very important, a lot of people may overlook these, they are essential fish oils.You should eat fish in your diet salmon being one of the best. It is through your fish intake that you will get some oil needed, but not enough for the strains you put your body through during a workout.With this in mind you should take fish oil in tablet form, they are also known as Omega-3,they will aid in maintenance of your joints and flexibility ,also they help in brain and nerve functions.

The final supplement should be "Creatine Monohydrate" this supplement does not aid muscle growth directly. However, when taken regularly it helps you to train harder, longer, and aids in recovery. Creatine Monohydrate is a really good supplement to take, when taken in conjunction with other supplements you will gain more than you ever thought possible.You will feel sharper, alert and lifting heavier and for more reps. I should know I have taken it when working out, and my training partners take it, even ones that just want to get in shape. For what it costs it is probably the single most potent supplement on the open market today.All of these supplements should suffice and keep you in very good condition and shape. Just remember that taking supplements alone will not improve your physique, you have to workout hard, rest and recuperate as much as you can. Concentrating on compound exercises for a whole body workout, taking four seconds on the positive reps, and four seconds on the negative. Who knows maybe you will become the new Mr Olympia in a few years time, we all need dreams and something to aim for even if in fantasy land.


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