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Healthy Gaming Concepts of 2017

Updated on March 30, 2017

BMX Cycling Mobile Games

A few years back most of us used to play games in grounds and lawns to make ourselves healthy and powerful. When we peep through the window of past then we see players running on the golden green grass. Such a healthy players are really distinct because most of us have changed the way playing. Now-a-days we use to play games on mobiles in our leisure times. This is good and we support this but if we use to play games which simulate some real game like football, running, racing and cycling. The cycling 3d games are a fun and healthy entertainment simultaneously.

We have analyzed a new game on android store in bmx cycling category titled as BMX Freestyle Cycle Racing. The game actually connects you to the real world cycling race. We have tried the game and realized that the developer has provided the best simulation that connects the mind of player to the racing track.The game is getting popularity because of the game play.

The link is provided only for the readers interest.

BMX Cycling Mobile Games

A great BMX cycling Game
A great BMX cycling Game | Source

BMX Freestyle Cycle Racing

The in-depth analysis of the game

  1. Cool 3D Graphics
  2. Real Racing Environment
  3. Joins to Real World Racing Environment

BMX Freestyle Cycle Racing

Game Mode
Difficulty Level
Setisfaction Level
Quick Race
Hurdle Mode
The table indicates the difficulty and satisfaction level

BMX Freestyle Cycle Racing

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BMX Freestyle Cycle Racing

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