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Here are the 10 Volleyballs courts from the World which you cannot take your eyes off.

Updated on February 9, 2016

Beach Volleyball

  • Perth, Australia: In Perth all the players love to go and play not just because the beach volleyball courts are too beautiful but also because there are windy conditions which test the control of the players. Players get trained there so that they can tackle windy conditions in the matches and then it does not look like a big problem.
  • Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand: This has been called the best beach volleyball court of the World by many of the top players because of the sand quality. This is a 4 km long beach and many players can play together at a time because there are so many courts available. Professional Volleyball players April Ross says that this is her favourite beach to play and attracts many visitors and beach volleyball spectators.
  • Manly Beach, Australia: This is another beach in New South Wales. This is sort of headquarter of Australian beach volleyball players as they love it to the core and call it their spiritual home. Spectators here witness some of the most amazing volleyball matches here because of amazing quality players. And even after finishing their training they lay on the ground there and relax.
  • Main Beach, Laguna Beach, California: This beach also holds one of the best surfing contests and this is a great place for the sports lovers because you can see both sports at the same time. Together it is a very nice combination when these two sports are being played and quality of the players is also great along with the beautiful scenes. This is a great place for vacations as there are also many talented people there and weather is also good. To add on, there is also a museum nearby.
  • Hoi An, Vietnam: Vietnam is an Eastern Asia and unexpectedly it is a great place to play Beach Volleyball because there are so many beaches in the country and they have some of the best courts. Even though you would not find so many professional players here but people love the game to the core here and are very enthusiastic when it comes to volleyball, so you would find many players having fun and playing volleyball here to pass time.
  • The Outrigger Canoe Club, Waikiki, Hawaii: This beach is Hawai is very famous not only because of beautiful scenery but also because this has been used in some movies too. Movie stars have played beach volleyball here so people love to play here more. There is a beautiful walking track and zoo near so families enjoy there too.
  • Prague, Czech Republic: In Prague there is a volleyball court where most of the people are semi-professionals but still there is lots of fun because the volleyball courts are only few metres away from the water and you can also take a break to walk few yards in the water. It makes you feel great and the four courts here are always full of players and volleyball lovers.
  • The White Thorn Lodge, Pennsylvania: There is something very interesting about these courts that they hold a tournament for a nudists, which was started by two players here long time back. They just like to go and take their clothes off to relax and play the game. Now it is a very popular tournament and more than thousand people participate in this event every year.
  • Langkawi, Malaysia: These courts in Malaysia are turquoise seas and there is a jungle and hills nearby which make the scenery so beautiful. The locals come here to play jungle ball but this is perfect for beach volleyball too because of the sand and the environment. The weather is also amazing so this is truly a dream place for volleyball lovers.
  • Monte-Carlo, Monaco: This was the place where Beach Volleyball was included in the Olympic Sports but the game owes this place a lot. No wonder so many International Beach Volleyball matches and events have been conducted here and everyone feels honoured when they play here. The environment, scenery, weather and atmosphere is perfect so there is no reason people would not love these courts.


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