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The Ins and Outs of AAA's Heroes Immortales IX

Updated on September 29, 2015

It’s time! It’s time! It’s AAA Heroes Immortales IX prediction time. Yes, after almost two months since the colossal disappointment that was Triplemania, AAA is returning with another annual big show, Heroes Immortales. It’s significant for two reasons; one, it’s the tribute to their founder Antonio Pena, one of the most influential people in modern day lucha libre and one of the brightest minds in wrestling period. Two, this is a much better card than Triplemania. In the place of poorly put together tag matches and whatever that shit was that the Vilano’s were involved in, Heroes Immortales IX has a lot more to offer. There are title matches (yes, actual title matches!). There’s some well thought out tag matches. There’s matches that will certainly continue storylines. And best of all for non lucha fans, there’s a main event match that even the most stalwart WWE fan could get behind. In short, this promises to be a decent show, and I’m gonna predict it. So let’s not waste time; crack open a cold one and rest your feet in the upright position. Did I say that right? ON WITH THE SHOW!

Five-way match for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Taya (c) vs. Goya Kong vs. La Hiedra vs. Luchadora Sopressa vs. Luchadora Sopressa

What to Expect: Seeing as there’s only three women announced for this match at the moment, I’m not really sure. Look at AAA keeping me on my toes here! I can say that the match will at least be solid. Goya Kong is okay. La Hiedra is…a person. And most importantly, Taya Valkyrie is involved! I’m not sure why she was held off Triplemania, but she’s here now, and as one of the best female wrestlers around, any Taya is good for business. She’ll make this one at the least bearable; the two surprise females will determine whether or not it’s great or not. If it’s a combo of Sexy Star, Jennifer Blake or Faby Apache, most excellent; if it isn’t, at least we’ll get to see Taya tear people apart for ten to fifteen minutes.

Winner: First, I’m going to say that Sexy Star and Faby Apache are the two surprise people. I know Sexy Star has apparently been recovering from injury, but she’s second only to Taya in importance as far as the AAA women’s division goes so it makes sense (plus I love her, so I’m biased) and Faby lost the title to Taya last year, so it makes sense for her to make a challenge here (plus, she’s been away, which is a sign of a potential surprise opponent). As for the winner, let’s go with the champ, because really, who else is more deserving of the belt than Taya right now? Here’s hoping that if Sexy is in the match, a set up for her vs. Taya occurs. I’d love to see that. Really, put Taya and Sexy Star anywhere and I’ll watch. I’d even watch an NCIS episode with them in it.

Three Way Tag Team Match for the AAA Tag Team Championships

Pentagon Jr. and Joe Lider (c) vs. Angelico and Jack Evans vs. Daga and Steve Pain

What to Expect: For the life of me, I can’t figure out what Daga and Steve Pain are doing here. No disrespect to them, but this is a bout here where all eyes are going to be on the two teams. And why not; we’re all always excited to see Jack Evans and Angelico. For better or worse, we know someone is going to dance, someone is going to fly, and there might even be some drunken kung fu involved. Them going up against a tag team featuring the underrated Lider and one of the hottest wrestlers in the world today is just an added bonus. I look forward to seeing those two teams go at it in what should be a very solid bout. And that’s just those two teams; if Daga and Steve Pain add anything (and they should) this could be a show stealer.

Winners: I’m going to go out on a limb and say Angelico and Evans get the belts back here. Hey, Lider and Pentagon have held the belts for about 300 days, which means they aren’t long for those belts. And as I can’t quite see Daga and Steve Pain winning, that leaves everyone’s favorite Mortal Kombat champ and the man that killed gravity (Neville can have that other nickname). The only questions then are how big will the after party will be, and how many arms will Pentagon have to break to crash it.

Run Evans run!
Run Evans run!

Drago and Fenix vs. Brian Cage and El Mesias

What to Expect: What an intriguing match AAA has put together here. Fresh off having his beautiful mini mohawk chopped off at Triplemania, the man from the 559 has set his sights on Drago for…I’m not really sure. Because he looks like a dragon and Cage likes to slay dragons? Let’s go with that. Throw in Fenix and Mesias for good measure, and we’ve got this dandy. Frankly, I think this could be spectacular. Cage is arguably the best big man in the business right now, and between AAA, Lucha Underground and PWG (where he looked like the ultimate boss at BOLA) he’s doing some absolutely amazing work. Drago is a hell of a performer hitting his stride this year. And good lord, Fenix and El Mesias in the same ring together again? I know you’re probably not thinking that matters a whole lot, but you will be once I tell you Mesias moonlights as Immortan Mil Muertes, a man who only had one of the best feuds (and matches) of the year with Fenix up in the LU. Now they’re going to be going at it again?! Here?! Sign me the hell up now. If the gloves are off for everyone involved, this could easily be competing with the main event for match of the night.

Winners: I’d bank on the rudos here, especially since Cage should get a big win following his loss to El Patron at Triplemania. It’ll be tight and it’ll be fun, but in the end, I look for Cage to hit one of those epic power moves to pull out the win. Perhaps this will lead to single matches between Cage/Drago and Fenix/Mesias? Who do I have to pay off to make it happen?!

2015 Copa Antonio Pena tournament

Cibernetico vs. La Parka vs. Blue Demon Jr. vs. Averno vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan vs. Electroshock vs. Aerostar vs. Chessman vs. Luchador Sopressa vs. Nino Hamburgesa

What to Expect: History lesson for the lucha noobs; the Copa Antonio Pena is a tournament (usually done in the style of a Gauntlet match) that takes place every year at Heroes Immortales as a tribute to AAA’s founder. This year, the tourney returns again featuring some of the biggest and brightest stars of AAA, along with yet another mystery person (lots of mystery people on this show). And yet…I’m not sure what to think here. There is some really good talent in this match. Averno is pretty cool, Chessman remains someone I enjoy and I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love Aerostar. In fact, he’s the main reason I’m excited for this, as he has the ability to walk away with this match if he’s on his highflying A game. After that, it’s a lot of question marks. Regardless of match quality however, it should be passable enough as far as ring action goes, the surprise luchador could be good, and for the fans attending the event, it’ll be a treat to see peeps like Cibernetico, La Parka and Blue Demon Jr. perform. As long as they let Aerostar jump off the ceiling again like Spider-Man, I’m all for it.

Winner: I would love, LOVE to pick Aerostar for this one, as I love the dude and…alright that’s pretty much the only legit reason I got. DEAL WITH IT! Alas, the man from the Cosmos has already won one of these before (and there’s yet to be a repeat winner), so I’m going to stay safe and pick Blue Demon Jr. Remember, he’s celebrating his 30 year anniversary in the ring this year, which makes this the perfect time to add one more milestone to a glorious career. Let’s say the original rudo pulls it out by eliminating Averno last, leading to a happy crowd and me rewatching his LU outburst on Chavo.


Six-man Tag Team Match

Rey Mysterio Jr., Psycho Clown and Luchador Sopressa vs. Myzteziz, El Texano Jr. and El Hijo del Fantasma

What to Expect: This will be a solid buffer to several feuds that probably aren’t ending anytime soon. I don’t think you need to see the future to know that the whole Mysterio-Myzteziz thing is far from over, especially when Myzteziz is now a rudo and a mega mask vs. mask match between the two is still in the works. Likewise, Psycho Clown and Texano have been feuding for awhile, so look for this to only further the strife between them. That leaves all the intrigue to Fantasma and the mystery partner for Mysterio’s team. Is it a returning star? Is it a major surprise featuring someone from the LU or the indies? No idea, but I’m intrigued to see who. Regardless, this match will be solid either way you look at it. Good enough for a match of the night candidate? Probably not, but then again, look at what it’s competing against.

Winners: I’m giving the rudos this one here too. If AAA wants there to be as much heat as possible for that massive Mysterio-Myzteziz mask vs. mask match, then they need to keep Myzteziz looking strong. A loss won’t do that here, so look for him and his posse to pull out a cheap win. The only way that changes is if whoever the mystery man for the Mysterio team is a really big name. By the by, is it wrong that I really want it to be L.A. Park? Can you imagine that noise, especially if they gave him a live mic to blast CMLL afterwards? I know the chances of it happening are slimmer than Kate Moss, but damn do I want it!

AAA Mega Championship Match

El Patron Alberto (c) vs. Johnny Mundo

What to Expect: This is what I’m talking about here. More than anything else, this is a prime example of how much better AAA did at putting together this card as opposed to Triplemania. And that’s not to say Alberto’s match with Cage was bad; it was really good. But El Patron putting something he can lose on the line is more interesting than when he doesn’t, and this bout here between him and his longtime WWE/Lucha Underground rival is the right way to go. Most importantly, it should be an absolute barnburner. I loved their first match they had earlier this year in Lucha Underground, and while the sequel wasn’t quite as good, it was by no means terrible under any stretch of the imagination. They’ll undoubtedly have the main event spot all to themselves here, and I expect we’ll see some more excellent wrestling and perhaps some more violent wrestling then we’ve seen out of the two from the LU matches. Unfortunately, I doubt we see any one going throw a window this time. I know, it’s totally Mundo and El Patron’s thing too.

Winner: It actually sort of pains me to say this, but I have to think El Patron retains here. I actually would love to be wrong here; Johnny Mundo (much to the delight of my buddy and longtime fan of his Mazza) has really become a complete wrestler in the past year, and I think you can make a reasonable argument he’s one of the best rudos/heels in wrestling right now. He deserves some hardware, and I think he’d be a really good rudo Mega Champion for AAA. That said, it doesn’t appear like he’s locked in full time, and I can’t see AAA taking their top title off of their top man just yet. Thus, after a really good match with some interference, Alberto will retain, I will cry, and the world will move on. Such is life.

That’ll do it folks! Hope you enjoyed this very early preview! I’ll be back tomorrow with more Twin Peaks. Till then, look who is having signs made for him on RAW? Someone’s getting famous!

Hide your arms gentlemen, Pentagon is coming
Hide your arms gentlemen, Pentagon is coming

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