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Heroes and Zeroes In 2010 FIFA World Cup

Updated on July 3, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

Some times expectations may not be reached but in FIFA 2010 its happening with most of the star players and on those whom we have do not have hopes they were rocking in the ground lets have a study.

Wayne rooney
Wayne rooney
Frank Ribery
Frank Ribery
Alberto gilardino
Alberto gilardino

Cristiano Ronaldo (PORTUGAL)

Ronaldo is the costliest player in the soccer. All soccer clubs have competed for ronaldo before world cup. But now he fails , when he comes to play for his country. Ronaldo played 4 matches as a Portugal captain and he made only one goal. This was the worst standard of play with a huge expectations on him. He was almost a failure with south Korea. Ronaldo played for 360 minutes in the ground and faced an yellow card once.

Wayne rooney (ENGLAND)

He was a player with high expectations in 2010 FIFA World cup by everyone. England fans had complete faith in him and strengthened their confidence that the England is going to win the title in FIFA World Cup 2010. Because of rooney's presence. But the scene came entirely different in the ground. In this world cup rooney's hasn’t made any goals. Rooney's played 4 matches and was about 342 minutes in the ground with zero goals. But the only thing is he hasn’t got any yellow cards. This world cup is like a bad dream for him. From 4 years he is playing for Manchester united with a splendid record but now he was entirely a failure.

Franck Ribery (FRANCE)

Do you know the worst played team in FIFA World Cup 2010? It’s none other than France. It earned runner up title in the last world cup. Generally failure of France is thought because of disputes. But actually observing the team no star player performed up to their standards. And the first in the failure list is Ribery he played 270 minutes and completely failed to have a control on the ball during the game. Because of the disputes such things are not enlightened.

Alberto Gilardino (ITALY)

According to coach suggestions, observations and expectations he is the most powerful and intelligent striker in the world. Italy entered in to 2010 FIFA World Cup as a defending champion. Every Italian and world wide fans had high expectations on Gilardino but to say about him it is like a flop movie he played about 118 min and was unable to make any impression and now he was fully criticized because of his bad play.



 FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 - Best performers till quarter finals.


I think Miroslav policy is talk less work more. with this only policy he is attracting his fans. England from the long run was a targeted opponent to Germany. Klose made a remarkable goal on England and became a hero. Klose was also very successful in last world cup held in Germany. Klose has an actual test in quarterfinals with Argentina to prove himself.

Miraslov Klose
Miraslov Klose

David villa (SPAIN)

David is a key player in Spain he played a man role in winning the EURO CUP title to Spain. He made successfully 4 goals in four matches which he played. And stood as a top scorer till now. David makes his impression in FIFA World Cup 2010. In pre-quarter final he made the only goal on Portugal and with 1-0 score they have beaten them and entered in to quarter finals. David played about 358 minutes. He is moving like a mercury without any obstacles. If Villa maintains this tempo surely he is gonna get the title to Spain.

David Villa

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan(GHANA)

He is the key player to make the FIFA WORLDCUP 2010host country, South Africa to have the faith to win the title. He played a main role in bringing Ghana for the first time to quarter finals in the history of FIFA WORLDCUP. He played almost 381 minutes and made 3 very important goals to his team which can be said to be as turning points. The last goal that he made on America in the extra time made Africa team to drown in happiness.

Gonzalo Higuain(ARGENTINA)

All opponents are targeting on Messy, because of the high expectations he carried but here is a problem aroused to opponents with Higuain because he is playing more than that he was expected and became the huge problem now. He was 251 minutes in the ground and made 4 goals. If he maintains the same tempo, he will beat Messy.

Leonel messi
Leonel messi

Lionel messi(ARGENTINA)

Messi is the best student for maradona(the soccer legend). He is creating miracles without even a single goal in his account. but the every goal Argentina scored has a mark of Messi. Because of the high expectations everyone has on him, the opponent team players are targeting Messi. Messi was around 360 minutes in the ground helping his fellows to make goals.

Messi is a super hit till now.


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    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 7 years ago from India

      thanks man you know its very interesting to checkout these guys older performance to what they have did in the worldcup it dissapointed me......

    • profile image

      Bidhan ( King adsesnse ) 7 years ago

      yeah man ... great going and a great article