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Disc golf at Highbridge Hills

Updated on March 14, 2015
Honka House
Honka House

Disc golf vacation

North central Wisconsin is probably not the first place you think of if you are looking for the disc golf meca, but If you want to take a trip to play disc golf, and you want to go where you will be challenged, and will not get bored, Highbridge hills is the place to go. There are 6 courses open now and 4 more coming. They have a variety of types of holes, to challenge you and let you experience an all disc golf trip, with enough variety for just about anything you can think of.

Disc golf book

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My trip to Highbridge hills

Three friends and I took a trip to Highbridge hills in June. We left the Twin cities on Friday morning and stopped and played 2 courses in Wisconsin on the way. I can't remember the name of the first one. It wasn't memorable. We then stopped at Telemark ski resort and played the course there, very nice course, worth playing again.

We got to Highbridge Hills at around 6Pm and set up the camper and played Blueberry Hill that evening. Saturday morning we got up and played all 6 courses that day. We played 100 holes in the one day. After playing 62 holes the day before. To finish the day off, we were at the Chestnut Grove course, we met a guy there that was a regular on the course, he was showing us some shots and he aced a 210 foot hole with his putter, what a cool way to end the day.

You can lose some discs here if your not careful, check out some good tips about how not to lose your discs.

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The Courses

The Chestnut Grove course is fairly open, it was only 9 holes when we were there but the plans are to be expanded to 18 holes soon. The Gold course was my least favorite course there. Not that it is a bad course, but it is extremely long, the course is just over 10,000 ft for 18 holes. Hole #8 is just under 1400ft by itself, it is a par 5 though. Blueberry Hill, Granite Ridge, Woodland Greens, and the Bear, are all very well laid out and fun to play. They vary the terrain and you go in and out of the woods. They are all challenging and worth the time to play.

There are 4 other courses that they are working on and they say will be open this year. They are Bear Woodland, Blue Ridge, Granberry, Whitetail.

Just got an update from John at Highbridge Hills, the Blue ridge course and the Granberry course, and the other nine of Chestnut are being played now. Whitetale and the completion of The Bear will happen this fall and winter.

I know that there have been some financial issues over the past few years and I'm sad to hear that. I hope they can keep it going and keep improving the courses. If you're in the area at all and you want to play a very unique group of courses, get over there and check it out.

I took this when I was there
I took this when I was there
Another fairway shot
Another fairway shot

Highbridge hills Lodging

They have a campground on the complex with 75 sites. They also have an area where you can hook up your camper with electricity. There is the Honka house, in the picture above, where you can stay for $20 per night. They do have package specials for golf and a place to stay. The package for the spring and fall is 2 nights at the Honka house and 3 days of disc golf for $59 per person. The cost for disc golf is $5 per round or $10 for the day.

Other things to do

They are adding Mountain bike trails this summer, and hiking trails. This is not the place to take your family for a vacation, unless your spouse also is hooked on disc golf. If you want to go on a disc golf vacation, you will not be disappointed, you can play to your hearts content and then play some more. To check out each course you can see them all here. Click here To check out the Highbridge Hills website. Everyone should go here at least once and check it out.

Video showing some of Highbridge Hills

If you've been there, let me know what you thought, what was your favorite course?

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