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Hiking With Kids - Fort Rock Trails Exeter NH

Updated on July 5, 2019

Fort Rock Trails - Exeter NH

I thought it would only be right if I start my hiking posts with one of our families favorite place to go. It is easy and quick to get to in Exeter, New Hampshire, it's as long as you want to make it, and you get a lot of variety in the topo (rise and fall of the elevation).

We fondly refer to it as "Fort Rock". You should see some of the monster rocks out there! Sometimes our time was spend watching the kids climb all over the rocks! There are a few trails that you can choose from, and a few places of entry with parking available (out behind the industrial park where the ice rink is, and at the next exit down off 101 to the right just before the tight bridge overcross). The trails are walked and biked. In spots they are wide enough for two people to walk alongside, and others are more single file. The trails are maintained, and are even great in the spring! Because there are a lot of bikers out there there are plank bridges or stepping stones across any wet areas so sneakers are ok as long as you don't mind them getting a little dirt on them. I have seen dogs out here, and for us, we love to see them (as long as they don't leave presents)!

The shortest trails on this map of the Henderson Swasey Network at a length of .5 miles. Our favorite trail out of the 3 intersecting is the blue trail at a length of 1.75 miles. Added new this year are maps at each location in the woods where there is a number located on the map. Even though there are maps out there I strongly suggest you print your own before heading out!

There is also another set of trails that we have done a few times that connect into this network with a tunnel that goes under Route 101. The kids thought that was neat. Here is the link to the map of the Oaklands Town Forest. These trails are little more wide and the trees aren't quite as dense. Part of this network is for snowmobiles during the winter.

As with any time spent in the woods, I would recommend bug spray of the deep woods sort out here. There are a lot of mosquitoes, and a few ticks here and there, but please don't let that be a deterrent. In the heat of the summer, this is a great shaded place to be!

Until next time, have fun out there!


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