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History of the Martial Arts P3 - Moving to the East

Updated on December 6, 2012

The scattering at Babel is the well-known account of the result of man’s attempt to be equal with God. God confused their languages to eliminate communication. Without communication the "builders" could no longer continue the building the Tower. It was God’s way of dealing softly with the errant sinner(s). We will be discussing this scattering and language in depth in subsequent sections.

As to language, new ones were created. A point of study that might be of interest to others would be "Were all the languages of the Earth changed or just those of the people working on the Tower?" It would appear probable that only those at the Tower were changed. The workmen were put in a situation of being unable to communicate. Those not involved in the work assuredly were not put under a direct judgement, hence, the language of those in the other parts of the Earth may not have been affected by the judgement. This does not eliminate change due to time.

But our position that karate had its beginnings in the Far East is the main theme of this writing, so we'll leave language for another time.

At the time of the dispersion from the Tower of Babel, which is after the Flood, certain peoples (tribes) moved to the East, Genesis 11:9.

Then, previously, people had moved south from Ararat south, prior to the scattering place at the Tower. They could equally, and probably did, move in all directions at that time, also. The Bible is silent on this point but secular history is not.

All secular accounts will establish people in "China" at the time of the Tower of Babel. We may debate the initial date of settlement of China, but all are agreed that at the time of the Tower, mankind had migrated to the area. And all secular history begins with Mesopotamia as the birth place of civilization, Mesopotamia being the Middle East. So let’s open our view of history and migration from the Biblical information.

Man (Shem, Ham and Japheth) moved out from Mt. Ararat, after the Flood, in the four directions. And when they moved, common sense dictates that they took their families, possessions, personalities and knowledge with them. This included what they knew of the martial arts. We mustn't forget their were major civilizations before the Flood. And we will see the martial arts had their beginning before the Flood and continued afterward among various tribes.

The martial arts they took along were as varied then as they are today. Tribal martial arts would have been developed or increased according to the economy in which the tribes lived. These arts were probably not that different from each other on the whole.

Then, too, lets not loose sight of the important factor of origin. As man started out from the same place in different direction, they took their individual tribal arts with them. Then, on arrival at their new home, that particular art practiced by that tribe became as indigenous to the area where they settled.

"Indigenous," in this study, relates to the first to inhabit an area not that which supposedly evolved in an area. When we discover arts such as "Yawara and Te," understand that these were arts in use by the nomads at the time they moved into and inhabited a certain geographic location. Further cultivation of various arts took place after man arrived in an area. But he brought the arts with him.

We could also factor in the people of the "two migrations," Ararat and Babel. This would add varied social aspects which combined upon the two coming together again in other places.

There are so many scenarios that can be brought by the combining of the Bible and secular history. But, again, we have to leave that for another time. Here we are looking at the History of the Martial Arts.

We start this short history at the end of the chain, Japan, and move backward through countries and time. We will address the misinformation regarding any of the following quotes as we move along in this study.


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