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Hobo Baggie Omelets: Easy Camping Recipes for Kids

Updated on February 28, 2018
Hobo Baggie Omelet Graphic
Hobo Baggie Omelet Graphic | Source

Fun and Easy Camping Recipes for Kids

Camping with kids can be a great experience for both you and the kids -- as long as you are prepared. One of the most popular Google camping searches is for camping recipes for kids, and not just for camp food they will like, but also for meals they can help prepare.

The Hobo Baggie Omelet is a perfect choice because kids love omelets, and, helping cook. This recipe is so simple and easy that you can let the kids make their own.

Kids have a lot more fun on camping trips when you let them get involved. It makes them feel "grown-up" to be able to help around the campsite, and do things for themselves, instead of having to rely on "the adults." This recipe idea is one that they can do for themselves - from start to finish, with just a little adult supervision.

Camping Recipes for Kids - The Hobo Baggie Omelet
Camping Recipes for Kids - The Hobo Baggie Omelet | Source

The Hobo Baggie Omelet

The Hobo Baggie Omelet can be made on a camp stove, or a campfire, because all you need is a pot of boiling water to cook it.

The ingredients are traditional omelet ingredients, and the process of making them is fun for the kids because not only do they get to pick their own recipe ingredients, and cook it themselves -- but they also get to "mush" it all up.

Plus, they get to see food cooked in plastic baggies, instead of a skillet -- how cool is that -- food you can play with and eat. Your young campers will love it.

The basics of the recipe are just eggs, cheese, and what ever other ingredients the kids want in their omelets, which are put into a heavy-duty ZipLoc qt.-size freezer storage bag, (with the double seal - not the "slider-type" closure), and placed in a pot of boiling water for 5 - 10 minutes, then squeezed out on a plate -- and breakfast is served.

Minimum cookware - minimum time, and minimum waste. A win-win for adults and kids alike.

How to make the "Baggie" omelet

Cookware and equipment:

  • Camping stove or campfire
  • 1 large pot
  • 1 pair of tongs, or large slotted serving spoon
  • Camp kitchen knife (to dice ingredients)
  • Qt-size double-seal Ziploc freezer storage bags
  • 1 marking pen

The basic ingredients:

  • 2 eggs per camper
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Crumbled bacon or bacon bits
  • Salt & Pepper (to taste)

Traditional omelet add-in ingredients: *This list of ingredients to add to the omelets are only suggestions. You know what your kids might like in their omelets, or ask them what they would like before you go shopping for camp food.

  • Crumbled sausage or diced ham
  • Diced onions and/or green peppers
  • Chopped mushrooms
  • Salsa
  • Hash-browns - non-frozen, from the dairy section

The instructions: *make sure your pot of water is hot and ready before you start, so that when the kids are ready - so is the water.

**This works best if you make a baggie omelet for yourself - you can let them see what to do - step by step.

  1. Give each camper a ZipLoc bag and have them mark it with their name while you are setting out the ingredients (this will allow the marking ink to dry before the "mushing" happens)
  2. Depending on the young camper's age - either give them two eggs to crack into their baggies, or you do it for them.
  3. Have them put whichever ingredients they want in their omelets into the bag with the eggs, and add salt and/or pepper to taste. *be watchful that they don't try to put too much of any ingredient in.
  4. Show them how to gently squeeze most of the air out of the baggie and seal the double seals, (make sure the seal turns "green" to show it is closed!) - now they get to "mush" the baggies to "scramble up" the eggs and ingredients until it is a uniform looking bag of "stuff." *Note: keep an eye out for overzealous "mushing" or you may have eggs and stuff flying everywhere.
  5. Show them how to gently place their baggie omelet into the pot of boiling water. Depending on the pot size, and the number of baggie omelets being cooked - they should only take about ten minutes, but it is easy to tell when they are done just by looking at them.
  6. When done, remove them from the water with tongs or a slotted serving spoon, and place on a plate. Make them wait a minute or two, for the baggies to cool a little, before they open their baggies and let the omelet slide out onto the plate - breakfast is served!

How to Make a Omelet in a Bag Video

This camper makes a huge 3-egg "loaded" baggie omelet.

*His method is right, but it is more impressive for the kids when they see their omelet "slide out" of the baggie onto their plate.

Note: This author thinks the "Double-seal ZipLoc baggies are safer to use. "Slider-type" closures have been known to separate.

Notes on this camping recipe

  • The two main concerns here are; safety and mess. You will be letting the kids put in and remove their omelets from a pot of very hot water -- no playing around. Make sure they understand the danger of scalding water.
  • The mess: Make sure they don't get over zealous in their "mushings" and watch out for the kids that will resort to "pounding" their baggies to mix things up. Both will result in a sticky hard-to-clean-up mess all over the place.
  • You monitor the cooking time. Don't let the kids constantly dip into the cooking water to "check" their omelets. You want them to be involved in this camping activity, but keep their interaction with possibly scalding water to just twice - put it in, and take it out.

Caveat: It is easy to find controversy about cooking foods in Ziploc freezer bags. Some folks think it is a safety hazard because this was not the intended use for the bags - they might weaken and rupture. But - besides the fact that this camp recipe has been used by untold numbers of young campers for many years, the makers of the product have also stated that their freezer storage bags are strong enough to use - even though that is not their intended purpose. So go for it! This is a fun camping recipes for kids!

More fun and easy camping recipes:

Dutch Oven Monkey Bread

Camping Monkey Bread Campfire Dutch Oven Treat for Kids
Camping Monkey Bread Campfire Dutch Oven Treat for Kids | Source

A campfire treat...

Another easy recipe that is a no "muss - no fuss" treat the kids can make themselves, with just a little adult help with the Dutch oven.

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    • callyworden profile image

      Cally Worden 

      7 years ago from Madranges, France

      I like this idea a lot! Will be trying it when the weather warms up and we're able to venture out again without the danger of frostbite! Thanks, nice hub!


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