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sport Hockey-History

Updated on February 27, 2012

The History of Hockey and the Equipment.

Games like Hockey can be traced back as early as 600BC; these games were played with sticks and a ball, drawings can be found in Egypt dating back 4000 years of people playing a game with sticks and a ball like field hockey.

There are many different types of hockey played around the world in the modern day.

One of the most popular ones would be field hockey. This type of hockey is either played on Natural grass, gravel but, more often on water or sand based artificial turf. It is played with a hard round hockey ball usually made of plastic and can even be moulded over a cork core, these can sometimes come with dimples on as this will help stop the ball from slowing down on wet playing fields, this is called hydroplaning effect.

Field Hockey is played by both males and females all over the world but is most popular in Europe, Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. The game is played between single-sex and mixed-sex sides.

Men’s field hockey has been played at the summer Olympic Games since 1908 except at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics and the 1924 Paris Olympics as the sport had no international federation.

Woman’s Field hockey was first played in the summer Olympics back in 1980 and has been ever present since.

In the last Olympics at Beijing in 2008 Germany beat Spain in the final 1-0 in the men’s for the Gold. The Netherlands beat China 2-0 in the Woman’s taking home gold as well.

The new more advanced hockey sticks are of a “J” shape and are usually made of Composite wood, fibre glass or Carbon Fibre. Most sticks are manufactured with a fibreglass undercarriage with carbon and Kevlar on the outside as these are strong and durable. The price of these sticks can range from £30 up to £600.

Goal keepers have many different options of equipment, most of the time they will be very heavily padded with face, neck guards a helmet, Chest and leg padding, gloves and shoe covers. For full protection you can be looking up to £300 minimum.

The newest form of Field hockey started back in the 18th century in England and was played in schools, until the 19th century when it became more popular and became an established sport. The first Hockey club was made at Black Heath South London back in 1849.

Field hockey is now the national sport for India and Pakistan.


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    • tom.staton profile image

      tom.staton 7 years ago from Oxford

      Yes you are right smooth hockey balls are designed for use on sand based astro pitches.

    • profile image

      Hockey Ball Man 7 years ago

      Tom some interesting facts It is interesting to add that some of the experts in Hockey now suggest the smooth hockey balls are better than dimpled balls on sand based seurfaces.