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Hockey; The Beginning Of The Greatest Sport Ever!

Updated on November 6, 2009

The sport of hockey is seeing an all time high with all of the fans backing the National Hockey League teams from all over right now and that is making it the best time to play hockey for fun.  The sport has been played since the mid-18th century and has continued on in various incarnations ever since.

The first field hockey club was formed in 1849 in Blackheath outside of London, England.  In this version of hockey, the game was played in a field with J-shaped sticks and the players just ran on foot.  The sport is popular within the male and female communities and is regularly featured in the Summer Olympics, a tradition that began in 1980.

Another form of hockey is roller hockey that is played with a more traditionally shaped stick, usually a ball instead of a puck, and the players are all on skates, which can be inline roller blades, or quad box skates.  This hockey can be played indoors or out on a variety of different surfaces including asphalt and hard wood floors.  Some versions of this hockey are called street hockey, but they all three resemble each other greatly.

By far the most popular version of hockey though is the ice hockey.  It has a huge following the world over and a US located National Hockey League that is the biggest in the world.  This version of hockey has produced some of sporting histories greatest MVP of the year awards of any sport and has seen players flocking from all corners of the world over to play in the league.

The best hockey team in the US right now has seen players from Canada, the United Stats, and from as far away as the Czechoslovakia.  I write of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the most recent recipients of the Stanley Cup.  This team has a few MVP of the year from all through out the franchise’s history and doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon with the current roster contain the likes of Sydney Crosby.

Even though the US is currently home to the best hockey team in the US currently, other countries from around the world have put up teams just as good or better depending on your views.  The Russian’s have a long history of producing some of the best ice hockey players from around the world and the Canadians are known to produce some of the teams known to the sporting world.

Even though most hockey types have been covered in the previous sections, there are still manner more types that make it the best time to play hockey for fun.  The most interesting version of hockey seen so far has to be unicycle hockey, which is pretty self explanatory in the name.  Other types include sledge hockey, air hockey and underwater hockey.

Throughout the last 160 years of history, hockey has been a great staple in the world of sports and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Surely, someone, somewhere will create more versions of hockey that can be enjoyed around the globe.


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