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Home Run Instant Replay In Major League Baseball

Updated on August 21, 2008

There's been alot of talk about bringing instant replay into Major League baseball. Well it looks like it's going to happen in the next few weeks.

MLB owners have agreed to allow instant replay when there is a dispute over a homerun call. Instant replay will be used to determine if a homerun goes over the fence or not for a homerun and also whether the ball was a homer or a foul ball.

It hasn't been determined how MLB is going to carry out this change. But the supporting structure to support will need to be implemented in all 30 baseball stadiums i

Keeping score at a baseball game will not change with the introduction of instant replay. When Instant replay does reverse a call I will make note of it while scoring the game by entering the letters "IR" for to denote that Instant Replay reversed the original call. You could also put a footnote and describe the entire play.

Well, enjoy instant replay and enjoy keeping score of the baseball game. Learn more about the advanced topics of baseball scorekeeping..


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