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Homemade Alcohol

Updated on July 29, 2009

How to make homemade alcohol. Well I make homemade alcohol to use for the same purpose as rubbing alcohol, as well as cleaning mechanical parts such as car parts. I also use it to make a homemade alcohol – heater/light that I use at the cabin and when the family and me go camping. And YES people make it for drinking as well.
Click here to make homemade alcohol – heater/light.

Yeast and sugar added to water gives you alcohol. This is how it works:

(Sugar) + (Yeast) added to Water = Alcohol.

This is how you do it:

First - you would boil 5 pounds of sugar in 3 gallons of water while covered. Use a pressure cooker if you can. Make sure all sugar is dissolved.

Second - after your mixture has cooled you can add your yeast. Yeast can only survive in a certain percent of alcohol, and brewer's yeast has been bred to survive in a higher alcohol content than baking yeast. By trying to make it strong by using less water or more ingredients you are only going to make it taste stronger rather than increasing the alcohol content.

Third - Cover the mixture and place it in a cold and completely dark place. The yeast will produce CO2 so allow that to vent. After about 7 – 10 days your mixture is ready you will know because it would have stopped bubbling.

Cool Fact:
Other alcohol beverages are made in the same way. Wine is made with grapes witch has its own sugar so you don’t have to add sugar. You can make wine with any fruit. Beer is made with hops and barley and some times other ingredients. If you distill your mixtures you can get bourbon from corn, scotch from barley, rye from rye, rum from sugar cane, whiskey from beer, vodka from potatoes, and so on. It is illegal and potentially dangerous to distill so do it at your own risk.

Next Step: you would distill the mixture. To distill you will have to set up an apparatus like the one in the diagram at the bottom. If you do try it you art taking full responsibility for your own actions.

Boil it at 78.5° C (173.3° F) this is the boiling point of alcohol. Waters boiling point is 100 °C (212 °F) so by boiling at the alcohol boiling point you will only get alcohol out the other end.

The alcohol will rise, go through the copper pipe into the ice bath, where it will condense into a liquid, and then it will drip into the collection bottle.

The first few drops you should take and get it away from any flames, then light it to see if it burns. This will tell if it is alcohol. Do this every 10 minutes because when it doesn’t burn the distilling is finished. You can distil the same batch several times to make it a higher alcohol percent.

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